Foreign relations of Ikonia

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The diplomatic foreign relations of the Kingdom of Ikonia are implemented by the Foreign Office of Ikonia, led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The power to grant official diplomatic recognition of sovereignty lies primarily with the Monarch, but the minister can also grant recognition if through a diplomatic treaty.

Recognised nations

Nations with which Ikonia has signed a treaty of mutual recognition

Country Signatory party Recognized Since
 Adammia Adam I of Adammia 24 August 2020
 Arthuria Vincent I of Arthuria 12 March 2020
 Austenasia Jonathan I of Austenasia 20 August 2020
 Australis Daniel I of Australis 9 December 2020
 Essexia Matthew S 19 August 2020
 Gradonia William I of Gradonia 25 March 2019
 Kapreburg Jackson I of Kapreburg 3 March 2019
 Mimas Christoph II of Mimas 21 January 2021
 Monmark Alexander I Constantine of Monmark 9 November 2020
 Paloma Aidan McGrath 18 August 2020
 Queensland Edward IX of Queensland 14 February 2021
 Revalia Sander Koff 2 April 2021
 Sildavia Maria I of Sildavia 22 April 2021
 Theodia Swena 16 May 2019
 Vishwamitra Dhrubajyoti Roy 6 August 2020
 Yu-Xia Matthew I of Yu-Xia 9 August 2020
Confederation of the Northern Coast Otto Gillespie Birch 6 December 2021
 New Richmond Republic Brooklyn Hewitt 6 December 2021
Republic of Bekonia President Bacon 11 December 2021
 Republic of Nordale Sophia Albina 12 December 2021

Other nations which Ikonia recognises

Country/Organization Recognized Since
 Molossia 28 November 2018
 United Nations - All member states (exc. North Korea) 19 October 2018
  Vatican City State 19 October 2018

International organizations


Organization Member Since
International Aerospace Community 2021


Organization Member Since
Grand Unified Micronational 2018-2021

Relations with UN member states

Although Abrams I of Ikonia has sent letters to leaders and ministers of foreign governments; a few listed below are especially notable.

Nation Diplomatic interactions Date
w:Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Sent letter to the Government regarding possible diplomatic affairs 26 July 2019
w:United Kingdom United Kingdom Sent letter to Theresa May regarding her resignation as Prime Minister
Sent letter to Foreign Commonwealth Office regarding possible diplomatic affairs and or informal relations
24 May 2019
17 Aug 2020
w:Japan Japan Sent letter to Foreign Office regarding possible informal relations
Sent letter to Prime Minister regarding possible informal relations
18 Aug 2020
1 April 2021
w:Estonia Estonia Sent letter to Foreign office regarding possible informal relations and requesting the contact email for the President and the Prime Minister 26 Aug 2020
w:Jamaica Jamaica Sent letter to Foreign office regarding informal relations 9 Jan 2021