Foreign relations of Ikonia

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The diplomatic foreign relations of the Kingdom of Ikonia are implemented by the Foreign Office of Ikonia, led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The power to grant official diplomatic recognition of sovereignty lies primarily with the Monarch, but the minister can also grant recognition if through a diplomatic treaty.

Recognised nations

(Italic text signifies that diplomatic relations have been suspended by the Kingdom.)

Nations which are protected states of Ikonia

Nations with which Ikonia has signed a treaty of mutual recognition

 Kapreburg since 3 March 2019
 Gradonia since 25 March 2019
 Arthuria since 12 March 2020
 Paloma since 18 August 2020
 Essexia since 19 August 2020
 Austenasia since 20 August 2020
 Adammia since 24 August 2020
 Naveria since 24 August 2020
 Vishwamitra since 6 August 2020

since 16 May 2019

Other nations which Ikonia recognises

 Grand Unified Micronational - All member states since 25 December 2018
 Molossia since 28 November 2018
 United Nations - All member states since 19 October 2018
 Vatican City State since 19 October 2018

International organizations

Head state of the  Ikonian Empire since 30 April 2019
Member state of  Accentra since 14 January 2019
Member state of the  Grand Unified Micronational since 2018

Relations with UN member states

Although Cameron I of Ikonia has sent letters to leaders and ministers of foreign governments, a few, listed below, are especially notable.

Nation Diplomatic interactions
w:Liechtenstein Liechtenstein 26 July 2019 - Sent letter to the Government regarding possible diplomatic affairs
w:United Kingdom United Kingdom 24 May 2019 - Sent letter to Theresa May regarding her resignation as Prime Minister
17 Aug 2020 - Sent letter to Foreign Commonwealth Office regarding possible diplomatic affairs and or informal relations
w:Japan Japan 18 Aug 2020 - Sent letter to Foreign Office regarding possible informal relations
w:Estonia Estonia 26 Aug 2020 - Sent letter to Foreign office regarding informal relations and requesting the contact email for the President and the Prime Minister