Archduchy of Mimas

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Archduchy of Mimas
Flag of Mimas.svgGreat Coat of Arms Mimas-01.jpg

Sequimur rectior dux stella populum (Latin: We follow the rightful leader of the star people)
The Archduke's Hymn
Location of Mimas.png
Grevie, Sweden
Official language(s) Swedish and English
Demonym Mimasian
Government The Mimasian Royal Government
- Archduke HRH Archduke Christoph II
- Minister-President Marchioness of Frerona
Legislature Constitutional Monarchy
Established 2010
Area claimed 0,11525km²
Population 21 (as of 2017 census)
Currency Mimasian Seraf
Patron saint St. Thora


The Archduchy of Mimas is a micronation founded on 30 April 2010. The nation lays territorial claims upon a minor region on the Bjäre peninsula in the south of Sweden, and extraterrestrial claims upon the moon Mimas.


The First Mimasian Monarchy

On 30 April 2010 the Archduchy of Mimas was founded by Archduke Christoph I. The nation did only claim the Saturn moon Mimas. Due to the Mimasian December Revolution in 2012 the monarchy and the nation was dissolved. The revolution fought initially only to change the constitutional law stating that "Nobility is not hereditary", but the violence escalated and the Archduke saw no other solution than to abdicate. After the Archduke's abdication the revolutionary leaders did not take power and the Archduchy of Mimas fell into ruin.

The Second Mimasian Monarchy

On 30 April 2015 the Archduchy of Mimas was reinstated by Archduke Christoph II the son of Archduke Christoph I. The Archduchy laid once again claim on Mimas but soon added parts of the village of Grevie, Sweden after a brief conflict within a internet forum on the matter of micronations not having terrestrial claims.

During the period of June, July and August 2015 the Archduke and other representatives of the government travelled through Russia, Mongolia and China connecting with allies and friends in Asia.

In december 2015 Christoph founded the St. Thora Prize.

Government and politics

The logo of the Royal Parliament of Mimas

The Royal Parliament is the legislative core in the Archduchy of Mimas. It is a combination of elected representatives, nobles, and landowners. The majority holder and therefore the party in government is the Mimasian Monarchist Party. The Marchioness of Frerona is the current Minister-President. General elections are traditionally held in early April every year and the parliament holds 43 seats as of 2017. The number of seats in the Royal Parliament is changing from election to election because of the way seats are distributed.

Type of Holder Number of Seats
Elected rep. 2 seats / rep.
Noble rep. 1 seat / rep.
Landowning rep. 0,1 seat / indoor square meter

This form of distribution means that a political party can hold mandate without actually be voted into parliament for example through the Landowner seats. It also means that if a Noble or Landowner becomes an Elected representativehe or she will hold both the 2 Elected representative seats and their Noble or Landowner seats. However, if a Noble is also Landowner he or she can not add these seats together.

Foreign relations

The Archduchy of Mimas is actively working for the UN Human Rights and never enters relations with nations breaking said rights.

The Archduchy of Mimas currently has official diplomatic relations with the following nations:

Empire of Arcadia Consulat of Surland the Principality of Lorenzburg Kingdom of Ruthenia the United Kingdoms of Zackalantis the Kingdom of Smyrna the Kingdom of Cascatia the Principality of NorAuthwik
Blue flag.gif
Flag NorAuthwik.png


The armed forces of the Archduchy of Mimas do solely fill a defensive and coffee drinking purpose. Military practice consists of coffee tasting and training strategy via PC games. The Archduke is the highest ranking officer as "Field Marshal".

A Mimasian military propaganda poster.

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