Mimasian Navy

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Mimasian Navy
Mimasian Navy.png
CountryArchduchy of Mimas
AdmiralArchduke Christoph II
Christoph II
Troy, 1st Duke of Nikodemia

The Mimasian Navy is the naval branch of the Mimasian Defense Force.


Before 2015 no military branches existed in the Archduchy of Mimas. When Mimas was reinstated as a nation His Royal Highness Christoph II also founded the Mimasian Defense Force. It was decided that the military was to be divided into two branches: the Army and the Navy.

In June 2015 the Privy Council decided that the main objective of the Defense Force was coffee drinking. No work on insignia or actual rank system was created until 2020 when the Conscription Law was enacted. The new law made it compulsory for all citizens to fill in a conscription form. Based on the answers in the form, a citizen can be made to enlist in the Defense Force.

After a referendum in the Royal Parliament in 2016, the Mimasian Navy was set apart from the Mimasian Army's coffee focus. Instead the Mimasian Navy came to follow a more traditional Navy with peacekeeping and the betterment of the naval environment as its main operations.

Honorary Commanders

The Mimasian Royal Navy is also the main military branch for the awarding of honorary titles to foreign citizens. The initiative was taken after a quorum with leaders of the Mimasian Defense forces in 2020. This honor has up until 2021 exclusively been given to foreign heads of state and foreign royalties. The honorary title is given between the ranks of Flotilla Admiral and Vice Admiral. All recipients get their own pennant designed that is used above the naval ensign of the given rank.

Training and engagements

The Mimasian Navy practices on a weekly basis. Training consists of computer simulations and real world boating. As the majority of Mimas' claimed territory borders or is close to water, naval exercises are quite common. No engagements with a foreign power has ever occurred.

Ranks of the Navy

Mimas' culture is heavily influenced by its geographical location and the ranks of the army were created with the Swedish military ranks as model. In the rank insignia the Mimasian colour traditions of the navy can be seen. In accordance to current regulations, only members of the royal family can obtain the rank of Admiral in Mimas.

Kadett Fänrik Löjtnant Kapten Örlogskapten Kommendörkapten Kommendör Flottiljamiral Konteramiral Viceamiral Amiral
Cadet Second Lieutenant Lieutenant OF2 Lieutenant Commander Commander Captain Flotilla admiral Rear-admiral Vice admiral Admiral
Mimas Kadett.png Mimas Fanrik.png Mimas Lojtnant.png Mimas Kapten.png Mimas Orlogskapten.png Mimas Kommendorkapten.png Mimas Kommendor.png Mimas Flottiljamiral.jpg Mimas Konteramiral.jpg Mimas Viceamiral.jpg Admiral (Mimas).svg

Notable commanders

  • His Royal Highness Christoph II is the current Admiral of the Mimasian Navy.
  • Countess Eva Rudh, made Kommendör, Captain, in 2017 for Her long naval services in the Stockholm archipelago.
  • Troy, 1st Duke of Nikodemia was made honorary Flottiljamiral, Flotilla admiral, in 2021 for His services to Mimasian-Ikonian relations.
  • Dhrubajyoti Roy of Vishwamitra was made honorary Konteramiral, Rear-admiral, in 2021 on the occasion of His 19th birthday and for His services to Mimasian-Vishwamitran relations.

Flags of the Navy

Flag Date Use Description
Royal Standard of Mimas.svg 2019-present Royal Standard of Mimas, used by H.R.H. the Archduke of Mimas. Royal flag with the greater national coat of arms.
Royal Pennant of Mimas.png 2019-present Royal Pennant of Mimas, used by H.R.H. the Archduke of Mimas above the royal flag on naval ships. Split pennant with the greater national coat of arms.
Honorary Royal Pennant of Mimas Vishwamitra.png 2021-present Honorary Royal Pennant of Mimas, used by H.M. the Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra above the naval ensign with two stars on naval ships. Split pennant with the greater Vishwamitran national coat of arms.
Amiralsflagga Mimas.png 2019-present Rank Flag of Admirals. The naval ensign with four stars.
Viceamiralsflagga Mimas.png 2019-present Rank Flag of Vice Admirals. The naval ensign with three stars.
Konteramiralsflagga Mimas.png 2019-present Rank Flag of Rear Admirals. The naval ensign with two stars.
Flottiljamiralsflagga Mimas.png 2019-present Rank Flag of Flotilla Admirals. The naval ensign with one star.

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