Christoph II, Archduke of Mimas

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Christoph II
Christoph II at 2012 Royal Ball

Archduke of Mimas
Reign 30 April 2015 - present
Predecessor Archduke Christoph I
Dynasty Boskedale
Born 20 June 1993 (1993-06-20) (age 26)
Båstad, Sweden Flag of Sweden.png
Religion Evangelical Lutheran

Antoine Christoph (born 20 June 1993) is the Archduke of Mimas, born at Ängelholms BB in Sweden. He is the Head of State in the Archduchy of Mimas and head of the Boskedale dynasty. Came to power 30 April 2015 when Christoph reinstated the nation and the monarchy. He is currently seated in the Royal Headquarters in w:Malmö.

Early life

Christoph was born on 20 June 1993, son to the powerful landowners Henry Christoph and Annette.

Christoph grew up the village Grevie, where he attended the school Backaskolan. At the age of 16 he studied Social Science with focus on languages at the local High School. Today Christoph speaks Swedish, English, Spanish, some French and reads and writes Latin. In 2012 after the Mimasian December Revolution Christoph began his higher education at Malmö University where he got an degree in Educational Science with a major in History and Religions. In 2013 he moved to Malmö and his current Headquarters in Västra Hamnen.

In 2017 Christoph started working as a high school teacher for the City of Malmö.

Early Micronational Life

It was during his father's reign that Christoph first joined the micronational world. The First Monarchy in the Archduchy of Mimas was a shorter period between 2010 and 2012 ending with the Mimasian December Revolution. Three years passed and the micronation was laid on ice. On Walpurgis Night 2015 Christoph and a set of friends reinstated the Archduchy of Mimas. This time Christoph became Head of State and announced the first general election in three years.


Royal Standard of His Royal Highness the Archduke.

As Archduke, Christoph II founded many royal institutions who all take part in the running of the nation. The Archduchy achieved many new allies and friends and to further strengthen the bonds between regions geographically far away from Northern Europe, Christoph II and several governmental representatives spent two months in Russia, Mongolia and China in 2015. During the last months of 2015 the government, under the protection of Christoph II, founded the Royal University where students attend typical Mimasian classes.

HRH Archduke Christoph II in Beijing 2015, oil painting.

Titles and Styles

Monarchical styles of
Christoph II, Archduke of Mimas
Reference style His Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Royal Highness
Alternative style My Lord

Full title as Archduke

His Royal Highness, Christoph the Second, Archduke of Mimas, Duke of Galileo, Duke of Normtuas, High Protector of the Mimasians, Protector of the stars, Grand Master of the Order of Saturn and the Order of St. Thora.

Duke of Normtuas

Christoph was bestowed the title of Duke of Normtuas by H.R.S.H Prince Nathaniel von Hanover-Lausenburg in late December 2017 as proof of friendship between the two head of states. The title is today an honorary title with no territory bound to it. The holder of the title is entitled to vote in the NorWakian parliament.