Mimasian Monarchist Party

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Mimasian Monarchist Party
LeaderLia Lovisa Rudh, 1st Marchioness of Frerona
PresidentElin Frejj, 1st Countess of Duhn
FoundedMay 10, 2015; 7 years ago (2015-05-10)
Political positionCentrism
SloganForward under regal stars
Election symbol
MMP Logo button.png

The Mimasian Monarchist Party (MMP) is a political party in the Archduchy of Mimas. Founded on 10 May 2015 - two weeks after the rebirth of Mimas as a nation, the Mimasian Monarchist Party was the first political party in the Royal Parliament. The party is the current majority leader in the Royal Parliament and the party leader Lady Lia Lovisa Rudh is the nation's current Minister-President.


The Mimasian Monarchist Party calls themselves Mimasian Liberalists. It's a mix of liberalism, socialism, and monarchism. The party's main focus is the preservation of the noble system in a nation of equals.[1]

Preservation of the peerage

The peerage in Mimas holds a special constitutional role where the peers by law can influence the governing of the country. The system has been met with critique even if it is supported by the two main political parties in the Royal Parliament. Since 2015 the Mimasian Monarchist Party has been in favor of keeping the current rights and obligations of the peerage.

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