Christoph I Henry

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Christoph I Henry
Christoph I Henry in 1990

Archduke of Mimas
Reign 30 April 2010 - 30 April 2012
Successor Archduke Christoph II
Consort Antoinette
Dynasty Boskedale
Born 24 September 1969 (1969-09-24) (age 51)
Seoul, South Korea Flag of South Korea.svg
Religion Evangelical Lutheran

Prince Christoph I Henry (born 24 September 1969) was the Archduke of Mimas and head of the Bosquedale dynasty, born in Dongjak-gu in Seoul, South Korea. He is most known for founding the Archduchy of Mimas in 2010 and dissolving it in 2012.

Early life and occupation

Christoph Henry was born in Seoul 24 September 1969. As a young child he came to Sweden where he would stay for the remainder of his life. In middle school he met his future wife Antoinette.

Christoph Henry has mainly been working in the metal industry where he creates tools for the factory. He has also run two successful construction businesses.


In 2010 Christoph Henry founded the Archduchy of Mimas. It was his wish to create a model nation where he and the citizens could experiment with political and state issues. This period is called the First Monarchy in the Archduchy of Mimas which began on Walpurgis Night 2010 and ended on Walpurgis Night 2012 after the Mimasian December Coup. When his son Christoph II reinstated the Archduchy of Mimas, Christoph Henry assumed the title of prince.

Titles and Styles

Monarchical styles of
Christoph I Henry, Archduke of Mimas
CIH monogram bw.png
Reference styleHis Royal Highness
Spoken styleYour Royal Highness
Alternative styleMy Lord

Full title as Archduke

After his accession to the throne Christoph Henry's full regnal name, title and style was: "His Royal Highness, Christoph Henry, Archduke of Mimas, Duke of Galileo, High Protector of the Mimasians and Protector of the stars".

Fullt title as Prince

In the Second Mimasian Monarchy Christoph Henry's full regnal name, title and style has been: "His Royal Highness, Christoph Henry, Prince of Mimas, Duke of Hawkland, Protector of the Mimasians and Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Saturn and Knight of the St. Thora Order.

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Saturn

In 2015 Christoph II founded the Order of Saturn as the nation's highest dynastical knighthood. In recognition of Christoph Henry's work to found the Archduchy of Mimas, Christoph II admitted Christoph Henry into the order and made him Knight Grand Cross.