Sophia Albina

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Sophia Albina
Official portrait of Sophia Albina as of 3 August 2020
Premier of the Republic of Nordale
Elected into office
June 2019
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Governor for the Austenasian Territory of Campo Del Sol
In office
27 June 2019 - 29 July 2020
Monarch HIM Emperor Jonathan I
Predecessor Office established
Successor James Braidwood
Premier of the Republic of Roseland
In office
2 April 2016 - ? ? 2017
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office dissolved
Personal information
Born 27 October 2000 (2000-10-27) (age 19)
United States Flag of the United States.png
Citizenship Nordalian, New Virginian, American
Relations James Braidwood (father)
James Solomon (fiancé)
Residence Frog Lake
Religion Catholicism
Nickname(s) Sophie

Citizen-Premier Sophia Albina is the founder of the Republic of Nordale and its first and incumbent Premier. She has been involved in the MicroWiki community from September 2015 when she crowned herself Queen of Roseland, and since then has held citizenships in several nations throughout the community.

Early life

Albina was born on October 27 of 2000 as an American on the West Coast. She lived most of her early years in the region and attended high school in the Bay Area until leaving to enter into the workforce.

Entrance into micronationalism and the Republic of Roseland

Albina's first involvement in micronationalism started on 20 September 2015, with the secession of the Kingdom of Roseland from the United States of America. During her term as Premier, Albina oversaw the drafting of the Roselandic Constitution as well as the first official meeting of a legislature in the nation's history. Premier Albina would later declare a state of emergency and the suspension of the Constitution Act while grappling with the loss of Roseland's capital. The Republic of Roseland lasted throughout much of her youth, until in 2016 when Albina decided to take a hiatus from micronationalism altogether, leaving the community as a whole and disappearing for a time.

In her brief stint as a citizen of Mercia, Albina also formed the Green-Socialist Party of Mercia along with Comrade General Secretary Baron Newton von Uberquie and was Chairman of the party until her departure from the nation.

Return to micronationalism

Sophia Albina returned from a long hiatus from micronationalism on 17 June 2019, when she reached out to His Imperial Majesty Jonathan I in regards to annexing land for Austenasia. Ten days later, Campo Del Sol seceded from the US and became a territory of Austenasia, administered by Albina in her role as Governor until 29 July 2020, when Albina relinquished her position as governor and her citizenship in Austenasia. The position of Governor of Campo Del Sol was passed to James Braidwood, Albina's father, who resides at the Austenasia-Nordale border near both Campo Del Sol and Citrus Grove, the Republic of Nordale's de jure capital.

The Republic of Nordale

While claiming land for Austenasia and slowly re-entering the micronational community in general, Albina also once again embarked on the journey of forging a micronation. The Republic of Nordale was conceived of sometime in June of 2019, but the exact date was lost due to later strife within the nation that would result in a long period of inactivity before the nation's Constitution was suspended on 27 April 2020. During this period, Albina worked on and off on reinvigorating the nation, while also undergoing several life-changing events.

On 16 June 2020, Albina called for a convening of the Directorate again for the first time in several months and the Reinstatement of the Constitution Act of 2020 was unanimously passed. Once this was passed, despite losing many Citizens and much of the past archived documents from the early days of the Republic, Nordale began to see regular activity once more and the government was slowly rebuilt and began to pass legislation. Albina herself has made several Declarations as Premier from this date to the present, signaling an end to the long slumber of Nordale's activity.

Personal life

Sophia Albina today resides in the Province of Frog Lake with her fianceé James Solomon and her cat Gazorpazorpfield. She enjoys miniature painting, history, and tabletop wargaming. Albina is employed as an Emergency Medical Technician in the State of Connecticut and has a passion for the medical field.

Titles, styles, and honors

Titles and styles

  • 27 October 2000 - 24 July 2015: Sophia Albina
  • 24 July 2015 - 20 October 2015: President Sophia Albina of the Republic of Roseland
  • 20 October 2015 - 18 February 2016: Her Royal Majesty, Sophia I, Queen of Roseland
  • 18 February 2016 - 2 April 2016: Premier Sophia Albina of the Republic of Roseland
  • 2 April 2016 - 27 June 2019: Sophia Albina
  • 27 June 2019 - 29 July 2020: Lady Sophia Albina, Countess of Nova Albion
  • 29 July 2020 - present: Citizen-Premier Sophia Albina, Premier of the Republic of Nordale, Head of the Directorate and Leader of the Nordalian People

Foreign honors

Foreign noble titles

  • Flag of Austenasia.png Countess of Nova Albion