Order of St. Bartholomew

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Order of Saint Bartholomew
Awarded by the
GCOA AbelCom.png
Emperor of the Abeldane Empire and King of Alenshka
Type Dynastic order
Established 27 December 2014
Motto Ad lucem
Towards the light
Eligibility Meritous achievements to the Empire; foreign heads of state and government
Awarded for At the monarch's pleasure
Status Dormant order
Sovereign Stephen I & II
Grades Knight/Dame (KSB/DSB)
Commander (CSB)
Officer (OSB)
First induction 27 December 2014
Last induction 6 June 2017
Next (higher) Order of St. Philip the Apostle
Next (lower) Order of the Emperor Penguin
[[File:Order of Saint Bartholomew ribbon bar.png|85x23px|alt=]]
Ribbon of the Order of St. Bartholomew

The Order of St. Bartholomew is an order of chivalry bestowed by the Monarch of the Abeldane Empire. Founded on the 27 December 2014, it is the second highest Abeldane chivalry order, after the Order of St. Philip the Apostle. It is currently awarded to foreign heads of state and government and to people who have done meritous achievements in their country or the micronational community. The order is currently dormant and all of its eligibility were transferred to the Abeldane Order.


The order is currently divided into three grades, excluding the sovereign:

  • Sovereign
  • Knight/Dame (KSB/DSB)
  • Commander (CSB)
  • Officer (OSB)


Knights/Dames (KSB/DSB)

Commander (CSB)

Knights/Dames (KSB/DSB)