Republic of Nordale

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Republic of Nordale
FlagofNordaleDesign6.1.png Flag of the Republic of Nordale

Cives! In nomine Rei Publicae, porro ite! (Latin)
Citizens! In the name of the Republic, onwards!
Capital cityCitrus Grove de jure
Frog Lake de facto
Official language(s)English de facto
Official religion(s)No official religion
Short nameNordale
- PremierCitizen-Premier Sophia Albina
EstablishedPrarial 227 (French Republican Calendar)
June 2019 Gregorian Calendar
Time zoneUTC
UTC-7 in Citrus Grove
UTC-4 in Frog Lake
UTC-5 in Oriole Acres

The Republic of Nordale, more commonly known simply as Nordale, is a micronation consisting of two non-contiguous Provinces located in North America, and in total its land measures a little more than 40 acres. All of its provinces are fully surrounded by the United States of America and the Province of Citrus Grove is bordered partially in the West by the Austenasian Territory of Campo Del Sol.

The Republic of Nordale seceded from the United States in June of 2019, but the exact secession date has been lost due to civil strife within the nation compromising many of its records. Following a period of inactivity following what is referred to by the nation as the Emergency Period, it was announced by Premier Sophia Albina that all prior Citizens were to be stripped of citizenship and that the Constitution was temporarily suspended. On June 16, 2020, the Directorate announced the passing of the Reinstatement Act of the Constitution of 2020, officially reconstituting the nation and beginning a new era in Nordalian history.

The Republic of Nordale is governed by the Directorate, a body of Ministers appointed by the Premier and led by the Premier, in accordance with the country's Constitution.


The name "Nordale" was conceived by the original Constitutional Convention which took place in 2019, taken from the process of rearranging the letters of the defunct Republic of Roseland of which Sophia Albina was Premier.


Founding of the Republic, civil unrest, and inactivity

The Republic of Nordale was founded in June of 2019, with about 13 Citizens. It is estimated that about 7 were in attendance to the Constitutional Convention, where the Constitution of the Republic was written and deliberated on. The Convention took place over the social media platform Discord. Within this period, Sophia Albina was unanimously elected as Premier of the nation with no contestants to her candidacy. Sophia Albina also annexed a piece of the land bordering the Province of Citrus Grove at this time into the Campo Del Sol of the Empire of Austenasia. Shortly after this time, the Premier had a falling out with several of her Citizens, and a period of civil strife ensued, which led ultimately to both the destruction of most national documents and a long period of inactivity. Due to this, the information regarding this period is scarce and estimates of the population, exact nature of legislation passed during this time, and the content of debates and discussions within the government and amongst the citizenry of the Republic were lost.

Emergency Period and reinstatement of the Constitution

Following the inactive months within the Republic, Premier Sophia Albina made a statement on 27 April 2020 declaring the beginning of the Emergency Period. She announced that the Constitution was suspended and that all Citizens except herself were to be immediately stripped of Citizenship. On 16 June 2020, the Directorate convened again for the first time in several months and the Reinstatement of the Constitution Act of 2020 was unanimously passed. Sophia Albina took this opportunity to also announce several recognitions of nations across the globe.

Personified representation of French Republican month Vendémiaire, the month in which the calendar was adopted as the official calendar of the Republic of Nordale

Entrance into international scene, ratification of the Kinnon Convention

Reinvigorated by the reinstatement of the Constitution, the Directorate began to pass many laws concerning government policy and culture of the Republic. On 16 Thermidor 228 (3 August 2020), the Republic annexed its largest Province to date, Oriole Acres, measuring to a size of just above 40 acres, constituting the largest piece of land in the Republic. From early Thermidor 228 (mid-August 2020) to early Vendémiaire 229 of the Republic (late September 2020), eight laws were passed by the Direcrorate, ranging from a law concerning the capture and execution of wasps and hornets to a law concerning titles and honorifics of Citizens. On 16 Fructidor 228 (2 September), the Province of Veldeaux seceded from the American State of Iowa and was annexed by order of the Premier, increasing the population of the Republic by 3 Citizens. On 3 Vendémiaire 229, several amendments of the Constitution were proposed and passed by the Citizen-Premier. On the same day, the French Republican Calendar was officially adopted by the Republic of Nordale.

In foreign affairs, Citizen-Premier Sophia Albina authored the Kinnon Convention, a treaty concerning the handling of drug addiction within micronations. The treaty was ratified on Sans-culottide 228 (20 September 2020), with the Citizen-Premier giving a speech thanking her Citizens and other heads of state who participated in the creation of the treaty.

Politics and government

Nordale is a highly centralized republic governed by the Directorate with the Premier at its head. The foundation for all law within the Republic is the Constitution.

The Premier

According to the Constitution of the Republic of Nordale, the Premier is the highest governmental position within Nordale, vested with the leadership of the Directorate, the powers to appoint and dismiss Ministers, to call for votes within the Directorate, to represent the Republic of Nordale in foreign affairs, ratify treaties with foreign entities, and to amend the Constitution in coordination with a ¾ vote from the Directorate. The Premier is elected by the Citizens of the Republic within one week of absence in the position. When elected, the Premier serves for 5 years, unless incapacitated or deposed through impeachment by a People’s Assembly. There is no term limit, meaning that a Premier may be re-elected as many times as possible. The first and current Premier of the Republic of Nordale is Citizen-Premier Sophia Albina.

The Directorate

The Directorate, known formally as The Directorate of the Republic of Nordale, Supreme Organ of the People, is the chief deliberative and legislative body of Nordale. The Directorate is composed of individuals appointed by the Premier, known as Ministers, who may also be tasked with managing Ministries of various portfolios as well as holding the rights to propose, vote on, and debate legislation.

People's Assemblies

All Citizens of the Republic of Nordale have the right to call for the convening of People's Assemblies. People's Assemblies are impermanent directly democratic bodies with the power to recall Ministers and the Premier, repeal any laws ratified by the Directorate, repeal any Provincial Ordinances, appoint Ministers to the Directorate, and propose and ratify laws without the Directorate's involvement. A People's Assembly is considered to be legally valid once it consists of 75% of the population of Nordale who do not hold seats on the Directorate.

Members of Government

Administrative divisions

The Republic of Nordale is made up of separate pieces of land all within North America, each fully surrounded by the United States of America. These divisions of land are known as Provinces, and each of them is administered by a Governor, appointed by the Premier. Governors, for the sake of representation of their people, are entitled to a seat within the Directorate.

The largest Province by population is Veldeaux with a population of 3, while the largest Province by landmass is the Province of Oriole Acres which makes up a large majority of the Republic's land at 40 Acres in size.

Geography and climate

Foreign relations

According to the Constitution, the Premier holds the power to ratify treaties and to represent Nordale in foreign affairs. Custom has developed that this is usually done and/or announced through a Premier's Declaration so as to enable access to the information of foreign policy for Citizens as well as the international community.

Nations with which the Republic of Nordale has bilateral relations

Nations which the Republic of Nordale recognises


French revolutionaries storm the bastille in July 1789. Much of the culture and politics of the Republic of Nordale are inspired by the French Revolution.

The Republic of Nordale's culture is heavily influenced by Enlightenment philosophies and ideals, particularly as manifested within the French Revolution. This influence can be seen most strikingly through the Republic's usage of the French Republican Calendar, and is also seen through the usage of "Citizen" as titles, and the commitment to equality and justice. The Nordalian people are as a majority spiritually inclined people, with a belief in a God, spirit, or Gods which are oriented towards the same ideals of the Citizens of the Republic.


One mainstay of the Nordalian people's culture is the commonplace usage of titles in even casual settings, especially the usage of "Citizen" when greeting and speaking of one another. This feature of Nordalian people's language precedes legislation but was more thoroughly enshrined and detailed within the Titles and Honorifics Act of 2020. The usage of titles is mandatory in all governmental correspondence and strongly encouraged among Citizens.

Religion and spirituality

The people of Nordale are highly devotional people, believing in various religions or spiritual practices. The religions of the people of the Republic of Nordale consist of Catholicism, Judaism, and non-denominational Christianity. Neo-paganism and belief in the teachings of The Urantia Book are also practised. Citizens' homes within the Republic are often decorated with religious symbols and icons, varying depending upon the beliefs of the Citizens in question.


The Republic of Nordale officially recognized and established several holidays with the Holidays Act of 229, ratified by the Directorate on 14 Vendémiaire 229. The categories and their definitions as written within the Holidays Act are displayed below.

  • Days of Celebration : "Days of Celebration are holidays which celebrate joyous events. During Days of Celebration all labor not essential to the safety of the Republic must be voluntary. No worker may be required to work or penalized for lack of work on a Day of Celebration unless the lack of their labor would endanger Citizens of the Republic. Days of Celebration are to be commemorated by the State either through statements, festivals, or other appropriate action."
  • Days of Commemoration : "Days of Commemoration are days commemorating solemn or sorrowful events. During Days of Commemoration all labor not essential to the safety of the Republic must be voluntary. No worker may be required to work or penalized for lack of work on a Day of Commemoration unless the lack of their labor would endanger Citizens of the Republic. Days of Commemoration are to be commemorated by the State either through statements, festivities, or other appropriate action."
  • National Holidays : "National Holidays are days to be acknowledged by the Republic as holidays, but on which workers may still be required to work. National Holidays are to be commemorated by the State either through statements, festivities, or other appropriate action."
  • Provincial Holidays : "Provincial Holidays are days designated by Governors of Provinces which are culturally significant to the people of their province. Governors have the right to designate days as holidays with the permission of the Directorate, with prohibitions against profane or other holidays not in accordance with the values of the Nordalian people as determined by the Directorate of the Republic of Nordale. Governors are to commemorate Provincial Holidays through statements, festivities, or other appropriate actions.


The Republic of Nordale is home to a thriving and diverse art scene, with several of its Citizens being accomplished artists whose art is recognized throughout the nation and internationally. Prominent artists include Citizen-Administrator James Solomon, Citizen-Governor Magnolia Flowers, and Citizen-Governor John Brown. The art scene within Nordale has produced sculpture, poetry, paintings, and digital illustration which have been commended by the Premier as well as many Citizens throughout the country.


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