Free Democratic Party (New Virginia)

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Free Democratic Party of New Virginia
Party LeaderSophia Albina
FoundedJuly 2020
HeadquartersShoreline (unofficial)
Membership  (2021)19
IdeologyBig tent politics
Cultural growth
Economic growth
LGBT Rights
Political positionNew Virginian Left
Official colorsOrange, red, black
House of Burgesses
4 / 11
2 / 6

The Free Democratic Party is a political party in the Commonwealth of New Virginia. Founded in July 2020, the Free Democratic Party is a big tent political movement that is devoted largely to cultural and economic growth in New Virginia. Made up of New Virginian citizens of various political orientations, the FDP describes itself as a uniquely New Virginian party, made up of New Virginians for the sake of the Commonwealth. It has been described by outsiders as an 'anti-party party'.


The Free Democrats were founded by Eryn Lewis, who was then a Provisional Counselor. Lewis, who had been devoted largely to cultural growth during her time as an Austenasian politician brought those ideas to New Virginia, founding the FDP along with others as a movement to safeguard those ideas. The Free Democrats won a majority after the first New Virginian general election, taking six of the ten seats available. With both the House of Burgesses and the government-controlled by Free Democrats, the party was able to implement several policies promised during the general election. Notable among these was the desire to build an economy for New Virginia, a project that both party leaders have pursued.

A poster released after the election of Dame Sophia Albina as party leader.

In December of 2020, then Party Chair Eryn Lewis informed the people of New Virginia and the Free Democrats her intention to resign as Prime Minister and Party Chair. In her place, Deputy Prime Minister Sophia Albina was elected to be the leader of the party and the second Prime Minister.

Platform and Policies

Central to the FDP's ideology is the importance of local culture. The FDP views New Virginia's local culture as something unique to the Commonwealth, with the cultures of various different cities and towns contributing to a larger, stronger New Virginian culture. It is the belief of the FDP that by strengthening local cultures, the greater New Virginian culture will grow stronger as well. The FDP believes as well in economic growth. Given that many micronations do not have functioning economies, the FDP believes that if the Commonwealth were to develop their own functioning economy it would set New Virginia in the direction of true statehood, with the ability to produce and sell products within New Virginia giving it a unique, autonomous aspect of macronational statehood, albeit on a smaller scale.

Legislation proposed by Free Democratic Burgesses

Electoral performance

House of Burgesses
Election Leader Votes Seats Position Government
No. Share No. ± Share
2020 Dame Eryn Lewis 83 55.0%
6 / 10
6 60% 1st Free Democratic
2021 Dame Sophia Albina 122 49.6%
7 / 13
1 53.9% 1st Free Democratic

List of Party Leaders

Number Image Name Took office Left office Notes
Dame Eryn Lewis
BP for Shoreline
25 July 2020 18 December 2020 Founder of the party. Served as Prime Minister from 1 August 2020 to 18 December 2020. Resigned for personal reasons.
PM Albina.jpg
Dame Sophia Albina
BP for New Franklin-at-large
18 December 2020 15 February 2021 Second leader, resigned on 15 February 2021 due to personal issues. Presided over the "Bainbridge scandal" and led the party in the 2021 New Virginian general election. Made economic and currency development a focus of the party.
Simon White.jpg
Sir Simon White
BP for New Franklin-at-large
Third and incumbent leader of the Free Democratic Party.