July Revolution

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2021 New Virginian coup d'etat attempt

Poster created by the 29th of July Movement.
Date29 July – 2 August 2021

Defeat of the Revolutionary Committee for the Salvation of the Commonwealth

  • Restoration of the legitimate government
  • Secession of Shoreline and Nordalian territories
  • Expulsion and voluntary departure of several former citizens
  • Extensive political and social reforms within the Commonwealth
  • New Richmond declares independence from New Virginia

Revolutionary Committee for the Salvation of the Commonwealth
29th of July Movement

Supported by:
24th of July Movement
Commanders and leaders
Dame Brooklyn Hewitt
Dame Elizabeth Lewis
Dame Sophia Albina
Sir Leon Montan
Sir Simon White
Unknown Unknown

The July Revolution was a coup de'tat attempt conducted by the 29th of July Movement under the command of the Revolutionary Committee for the Salvation of the Commonwealth. The coup attempt was extremely controversial within New Virginia as well as throughout the wider micronational community, but it is generally agreed [By whom?] to have been caused by an increasingly divided political landscape which had developed within the government.


Prior to the beginning of the coup event, New Virginia had recently went through several turbulent events domestically and abroad, including a conflict with the Empire of Austenasia where the Burgess Sophia Albina was tried for treason in Austenasia after proposal of legislation which would annex Austenasian territory as well as cut the ties which had thus far existed between the two nations. While the Austenasian Question itself would not be a direct cause for the coup, several observers later noted that the dispute sharpened the conflict between the right-wing Bradley van Dullahan in particular and the radical left of New Virginia in general.

Committee seizes community server


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