New Highlands

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New Highlands, officially the National Republic of New Highlands, is a micronation located in the Australian Southern Highlands. New Highlands is set to be democratic republic and a unitary state governed under a semi-presidential system. New Highlands political system has taken considerable influences from the French Fifth Republic and the Westminster system. The National Government of New Highlands consists of an executive branch, a legislative branch and a judicial branch. Executive power is exercised by the President and the National Government. The National Government consists of the Prime Minister and Ministers. The Prime Minister is appointed by the President who are technically free to choose whomever they please. However, according to convention this generally will be a member of Parliament that the President believes will be able to command a majority on the floor of the House. The President will then appoint a cabinet upon the advice of the Prime Minister. The President is also entitled to hold portfolios, for example Defence Minister or Foreign Affairs Minister. The Prime Minister can only be removed via a vote of no confidence in the National Assembly. The removal or resignation of Prime Minister will result in the dissolution of the entire Government. The National Assembly has 5 members or MNP's. Members are elected for two year unfixed terms by Party-list proportional representation from the modified D’Hondt method. The entire micronation votes as a single constituency. The parliament can only be dissolved by the President or via a majority vote. During the first session of parliament MNP's are required to elect a Speaker (Presiding Officer) through secret ballot. The Speaker's principal duty is to preside over the House and maintain order, uphold Standing Orders (rules of procedure), rule on points of order, and protect the rights of members. In addition to the Speakers duties as presiding officer the are first in line of succession in case of death or resignation of the president, thus becoming Acting President until a new election is called. After the Speaker's election they are then required to recognise the Leader of the Opposition usually occupied by the leader of the second largest party or coalition. In the event of an equal number of members of the second largest party, the Assembly shall vote and elect a Leader of the Opposition.


New Highlands is currently administered by an executive crises cabinet until legislative elections can be called. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic President The Honourable. Lord Ellsworth has assumed emergency powers and declared marshal law. During this period the President has appointed a two-person cabinet consisting of himself and technocrat Prime Minister The Honourable. Dame Schnitzel Von Crumb until the crises has been averted. Once it is safe again elections will be called. During a crises the President has the right to exercise executive power without the implementation of the National Assembly. Inaugural elections have been suspended until further notice.

Interim Executive 25 January 2021 to Present

Office Minister Party
Executive President, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister for Defence & Minister for Home Affairs The Hon. Lord Ellsworth Independent
Prime Minister, Treasurer, Attorney General, Minister for Health, Minister for Education, Minister for Transport & Essential Services & Keeper of the Seal The Hon. Dame Von Crumb Independent