Home Office (New Virginia)

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Home Office
Home Office NV.png
Established 12 May 2020
Headquarters None
Home Secretary The Rt. Hon. James Frisch BP

The Home Office of the Commonwealth of New Virginia, also known simply as the Home Office, is the government body responsible for the internal affairs of the Commonwealth of New Virginia.

The Home Office has four primary responsibilities. The first is law enforcement and overseeing the administration of the New Virginian Police. The second is maintaining the census and overseeing the naturalisation of new citizens. The third is coordinating environmental protection efforts and regulating agriculture. The fourth is securing borders through liaison with the Ministry of Defence.

The Home Office was established by the Ministries and National Security Council Resolution 2020 of the Provisional Council on 12 May 2020 alongside the Foreign Office and Treasury.

The Home Office is led by the Home Secretary, currently The Rt. Hon. James Frisch BP.

The Home Office consists of various agencies, each with their own agency director subordinate to the Home Secretary:

  • Department for the Census, under Director Dame Brooklyn Hewitt KNVI.
  • Department for the Environment, Director currently vacant.
  • New Virginian Police, under Commissioner Charles Kitchen.

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