National Security Council of New Virginia

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The National Security Council of the Commonwealth of New Virginia, also known simply as the National Security Council, is a government body responsible for coordinating the national security policy of the Commonwealth of New Virginia. The National Security Council consists of various high ranking government officials, particularly those in the fields of foreign affairs and the military.

The National Security Council was established on 12 May 2020 by the Ministries and National Security Council Resolution 2020 of the Provisional Council, and is one of the only government bodies intended to continue after the dissolution of the provisional government. The Council was loosely based on the Austenasian War Council and the US body of the same name. Decisions of the National Security Council require a simple majority vote in favor and the consent of the Chairman of the Provisional Council, who presides over and directs the Council.

The National Security Council consists of the Chairman of the Provisional Council, the First Ambassador, the Minister of Defence, and the Commandant of the Defence Force. The National Security Council is currently comprised of:

Portrait Name Office In office since
Sir Joseph.jpg Sir Joseph Kennedy KNVI Chairman of the Provisional Council 11 February 2020
San Scoglio Arms.png Sir Edward Jacobs KNVI First Ambassador 23 May 2020
Stealie.jpg Dame Eryn Lewis DNVI Minister of Defence 23 May 2020
Mayor francis.jpg Major General Alex Francis MAO Commandant of the Defence Force 23 March 2020