Ministry of Defence (New Virginia)

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Ministry of Defence
Established 13 March 2020
Headquarters Shoreline
Minister of Defence The Rt. Hon. Dame Elizabeth Lewis DNVI
Commandant of the Defence Force Major General The Hon. Alex Francis

The Ministry of Defence of the Commonwealth of New Virginia, also known simply as the Ministry of Defence, is the government body responsible for the defence of the Commonwealth of New Virginia.

The Ministry of Defence is responsible for defending New Virginia's borders, people, and government. Its main functions are administering and funding the New Virginian Defence Force, formulating the Commonwealth's national defence policy, advising the Government and Parliament on issues of national defence and security, and coordinating disaster response and relief.

The Ministry of Defence was established by the New Virginian Defence Force Resolution 2020 by the Provisional Council on 13 March 2020, which was proposed by then Provisional Chairman Dame Brooke Hewitt KNVI. The Ministry was the first government ministry of its kind.

The Ministry of Defence is led by the Minister of Defence, currently The Rt. Hon. Dame Elizabeth Lewis DNVI.

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