First Ambassador (New Virginia)

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First Ambassador
Foreign Office NV.png
Logo of the
Foreign Office
Sir James Stewart KNVI

since 5 September 2020
Foreign Office
AppointerThe President on the advice of the Prime Minister

The First Ambassador is the member of the New Virginian Cabinet who leads the Foreign Office. The First Ambassador, therefore, is responsible for the foreign affairs of the Commonwealth, the appointment of ambassadors and the staffing of New Virginia's delegations to various international organisations. The First Ambassador, together with the President, has the authority to sign international treaties and agreements which then must be ratified by the House of Burgesses. The First Ambassador is also a statutory member of the National Security Council.

The incumbent First Ambassador is Sir James Stewart KNVI, who was appointed by President Dame Brooklyn Kennedy DNVI on 5 September 2020.

List of First Ambassadors

Number Picture Name Political party Took office Left office Notes
1 San Scoglio Arms.png Sir Edward Jacobs KNVI Patriotic League 23 May 2020 5 September 2020 Appointed First Ambassador by Provisional Chairwoman Dame Brooklyn Kennedy DNVI upon the establishment of the Foreign Office and other ministries by the Ministries and National Security Council Resolution 2020. Continued to serve following the enactment of the Constitution.
2 Rt Hon James Stewart BP.jpeg Sir James Stewart KNVI Free Democrats 5 September 2020 Incumbent Appointed First Ambassador by President Dame Brooklyn Kennedy DNVI on the advice of Prime Minister Dame Eryn Lewis DNVI.

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