Treasury (New Virginia)

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Home Office
Treasury NV.png
Established 12 May 2020
Headquarters None
Chancellor of the Treasury The Rt. Hon. Sir Simon White KNVI

The Treasury of the Commonwealth of New Virginia, also known simply as the Treasury, is the government body responsible for the finances, collection of taxes, national expenditure and fiscal policy of the Commonwealth of New Virginia.

The Treasury is responsible for the development and implementation of the Commonwealth's budget and economic policy, and for the funding of government agencies. The Treasury has the authority to collect taxes imposed by Parliament, however no such statute imposing taxes has been enacted, with the Treasury opting instead to collect private donations from citizens.

The Treasury was established by the Ministries and National Security Council Resolution 2020 of the Provisional Council on 12 May 2020 alongside the Foreign Office and Home Office.

The Treasury is led by the Chancellor of the Treasury, currently The Rt. Hon. Sir Simon White KNVI.

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