Ministry of Justice (New Virginia)

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Ministry of Justice
Established 3 September 2020
Headquarters N/A
Attorney General The Rt. Hon. Anthony Clark

The Ministry of Justice of the Commonwealth of New Virginia, also known simply as the Ministry of Justice, is the government body responsible for the administration of justice in the Commonwealth of New Virginia.

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for assisting the Senate in the administration of the court system. Its main functions are preparing the administration of trials, designating the state prosecutors in cantonal and municipal courts, and advising the government and Senate on the appropriate administration of justice.

The Ministry of Justice was established by an Act of Parliament enacted on 3 September 2020. Prior to its establishment, the functions now subsumed under the Ministry of Justice were not clearly defined. Its responsibilites were de facto undertaken by the Home Office in collaboration with the Senate.

The Ministry of Justice is led by the Attorney General, currently The Rt. Hon. Anthony Clark. The Attorney General also provides legal advice to the government and serves as chief legal representative of the Commonwealth.

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