New Arastraville

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New Arastraville
Flag of New Arastraville
Coat of arms of New Arastraville
Coat of arms
Sovereign stateNew Virginia
CantonNew Franklin
Handover from Ponderosa Hills9 July 2020
GovernmentDirectly governed by a Governor appointed by the President of New Virginia
Brooklyn Hewitt
• Governor
Leon Montan
• Burgess at-large
Leon Montan
James Frisch
Sir Simon White
CurrencyUnited States dollar (de facto)

The Territory of New Arastraville, more commonly known as New Arastraville, is a territory of New Virginia surrounded by the Ponderosan city of Arastraville.[a] It is ruled directly by a Governor appointed by the President of New Virginia, who is currently Leon Montan.


  1. As Ponderosa Hills is not recognized by New Virginia, New Virginian law regards New Arastraville as being surrounded by an unincorporated part of Tuolumne County, California.