William Wilson, 1st Archduke of Wilson

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His Imperial Grace and Excellency
the Archduke of Wilson
Gradonian president, June 2019.jpg

Assumed office 
1 January 2018

In office
27 August 2018 – 17 March 2019
Succeeded by Nicholas Miranda of Senland

In office
7 October 2018 – 28 February 2019
Preceded by Nicholas Miranda of Senland
Succeeded by Tsar Stefan I of the Great Lawl Reich

Assumed office 
6 April 2019
Preceded by Henry Clément

Born 31 December 2002 (2002-12-31) (age 16)
Shreveport, Louisiana
Political party Gradonian Federalist Party
Residence Willvian, Gradonia
Religion Christian
Military service
Nickname(s) Bubba, Gordo
  • State of Gradonia Commander in Chair
  • Baustralia Ordinary seaman

His Imperial Grace and Excellency William Gordon Fowler Wilson, 1st Archduke of Wilson, is the first and current president of the State of Gradonia, first Mayor of New Phoenix, De Facto President of Gradonia until the February 2018 Elections and Emperor of the Imperium Americana from August 28 to March 17 2019. William held the position of Chairman of the Micronational Assembly since October 7, 2018. He adopted the position of Gradonian Minister of Foreign Affairs in June 2018.

The micronational career of William has seen his co-founding of Gradonia and the Imperium Americana. His senatorial position in the Confederate Republics of the Americas. His election as president of Gradonia led to the development of the Gradonian Marines and Gradonian Rangers. Notable events of his career are the 30/5 attack, unification of Wustria and Gradonia, and his ascension to Emperor in the Imperium Americana.

William Wilson currently holds the positions of President of Gradonia, Representative of Gradonia to the Grand Unified Micronational, President of the Gradonian Federalist Party, Commander in Chair of the Gradonian Armed Forces, Head Curator of the Gradonian Natural History Museum, and Archduke of Wilson in Tsardom of Phokland, Ordinary seaman of His Royal Navy. William is also an author, CEO of the Charlington Press, avid long distance runner, and calligrapher.

Early life

William was born to, then First Lieutenant, Jonathan William Wilson and Nicole Elaine Wilson in Shreveport, Louisiana at 9:02 p.m. CDT, 31 December 2002. After living in Shreveport for two years, Wilson would depart with his family for Kadena Air Force Base. His brother, Charles Eddie Payne Wilson, would be born in Okinawa, Japan on 24 August 2006. After living in Japan for three years, Wilson and his family would again depart. They would resume residence in the United States in April, 2008. Wilson would live in Nashville, Tennessee for five years. While in the state, Wilson would begin his formal education at Pleasant View Elementary School and would commit himself to Christ through baptism at First Baptist Church of Joelton. Wilson’s sister, Noelle Elaine Wilson would be born in Nashville on 28 December, 2012. Shortly after the birth of his sister, Wilson would move to Poquoson, Virginia. Within three more years his family would move again, to the state of Texas

Micronational career

After moving to Texas, Wilson would develop an interest of different government styles and structures as well as political ideologies. In 2018, William and his brother, Charles, would found the State of Gradonia. The development of Gradonia would be the primary concern until March 2018 when he would discover the Micronational Assembly. This organization brought Gradonia into the Era of Connection and began Wilson's career outside of Gradonia. In mid-June Gradonia would be an observer to an event known as the 'Fascist Scourge' within the MA. This was mainly connotative to the rise of ultra-nationalism and authoritarian governments. Wilson continued to keep Gradonia neutral, but would capitalize on the event with the Charlington Press by doing late-night interviews with the leaders of nations part of the 'scourge'.

Soon after, in August, Gradonia would be a candidate to be a council nation for the Micronational Assembly Council in the southwest region of the elections. This would be a landslide victory for Gradonia, as the only other candidate for the region, Wustria, would merge with Gradonia shortly before the election. Wilson would serve as Councilman for the region and propose an overhaul of the MA Charter, which had not been amended since 2017. In October, 2018 the Chairman of the MA would resign and give his position to Wilson. Under the Wilson administration the MA saw new changes that saw the clean-up of the admittance procedure and land claiming within the MA. Soon into the administration, news broke that Google+, the platform that the MA operated on, was going to be shut down in August 2019. This news would change shortly before Christmas when the date was moved up to 2 April. Chairman Wilson called for the immediate creation of a MA Discord server to be a moving place for the impending shutdown.

Political Views

Wilson's Political Compass chart

Wilson identifies himself as Libertarian-Right on the Political Spectrum, he is also a Texas Nationalist. He believes in the existence of a near unregulated economy, save regulations that prevent monopolies. He personally believes that abortion, homosexuality, and trans-sexuality are immoral, but does not believe the state should suppress or promote those who believe that is not immoral or live those lives.

Wilson does not support Hate speech nor the state instituted suppression of such. Wilson is an active speaker against Article 13 and Article 11 of the EU Parliament. Wilson does not support the building of border walls to prevent illegal immigrants from coming to a county, rather the increased employment of border security forces. He supports the Scottish, Catalonian, and Quebecois Independence movements. He condemns Russia's occupation of Crimea,[1] China's oppression of Uighur minorities,[2] and the blocking of humanitarian aid by the Maduro regime in Venezuela.[3]

He is a supporter of the Texas National Movement.


If you think I am insensitive, fine. But don't let it keep you from being inefficient.

—William Wilson, 2019

You are in no position to [whine], you are in a position to do your best.

—William Wilson, 2019

Titles, styles, ranks and arms


Styles of
William I, Emperor of the Imperium Americana
Imperial seal of the Imperium Americana.svg
Reference style His Imperial Majesty
Spoken style Your Imperial Majesty
Alternative style Sir
12 June 2019 – present
Coronet of a Duke.svg Duke of Northumbria
Coronet of an Earl.svg Earl of Northumbria
Coronet of a Baron.svg Baron of Warkworth
3 June 2019 – present
Coronet of a Marquess.svg Marquis of Novaria
 Imperium Americana
26 September 2018 – 17 March 2019
Helmkrone.svg Emperor of the Imperium Americana
18 March 2019 –
Coronet of a Duke.svg Archduke of Wilson


He also has the right to use His Excellency, but prefers His Presidency, in capacity of President of Gradonia. He may also use His Imperial Grace and Excellency (HIG&E.)

Mister William Gordon Fowler Wilson
His Imperial Majesty William I of the Imperium of the Americas
His Imperial Grace and Excellency Archduke William Gordon Fowler Wilson

Military ranks

Gradonia Gradonia-Marines-OF-10 (infobox).svg Commander in Chair Gradonian Marines
Gradonia-Rangers-OF-10 (infobox).svg Commander in Chair Gradonian Rangers
Gradonia-Legion-OF-10 (infobox).svg Commander in Chair Gradonian Foreign Legion
Ikonia Private, 303 His Majesty's Army
Baustralia Ordinary seaman, 14060 His Royal Navy

Flag Gend.png Gendarania

Marshal-Gendarania-Army (infobox).png Colonel General Ordnungspolizei von Gendarania

Standards and Arms

Both of Wilson's supporters face left, or west, representing the Wilson family leaving Europe for North America. The lion symbolizes courage, the position as head of state, and the Lion of Judah, atop which is a coronet to represent his title as Marquis in Ikonia. The Pegasus is to represent the military service of Wilson's forebears. More specifically, his father serving with the 101st Airborne Division and his 3rd great-grandfather serving in the Texan Mounted Volunteers.

The Camp Crown in the first quarter symbolizes both Wilson's ties to royalty and his family's arrival in Jamestown. The saltire in the second quarter represents his Scottish heritage, the third quarter represents his Bavarian and Hessian heritage, and the last, his Polish heritage

The Coronet is that of a Phoklandian archduke, atop which is a helm to represent Wilson's military service to Gradonia and Baustralia, atop which is a Helmkrone which to represent ties to the monarchy of the Imperium Americana.



Regnal Titles
New title Emperor of the Imperium Americana
28 August 2018 - 17 March 2019
Succeeded by
Nicholas I
Phoklandian Aristocracy
New title Archduke of Wilson
18 March 2019 -
Peerage of Ikonia
New title Marquis of Novaria
3 June 2019 -
Peerage of Baustralia
New creation Duke of Northumbria
2nd creation
12 June 2019 -
New title Earl of Northumbria
12 June 2019 -
New title Baron Warkworth
12 June 2019 -
Political offices
New title President of Gradonia
1 January 2018 -
Preceded by
Nicholas Miranda of Senland
Chairman of the Micronational Assembly
7 October 2018 - 28 February 2019
Succeeded by
Tsar Stefan I
Preceded by
Henry Clément
Austenasian Consul to Texas
6 April 2019 -
Offices in the Grand Unified Micronational
New title Gradonian Delegate to the Grand Unified Micronational
11 November 2018 -
with Foreign Minister Andy Liner (10 April 2019 - )
Preceded by
Horatio Eden
Secretary of Public Relations and Press
7 July 2019 -