Order of the Bullmastiff

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Order of the Bullmastiff
Awarded by the Empire of Austenasia
Type Chivalric order with five ranks
Awarded for At the absolute discretion of the Monarch
Status Currently awarded
Established 3 January 2009
First awarded 10 January 2009
Last awarded 18 September 2021
Total awarded Recipients: 35
Maximum quotas Knight/Dame of Carothan: 2
Knight/Dame of Rose: 4
Knight/Dame of Edd: 4
Knight/Dame of Molossers: 6
Next (higher) Order of Saint Constantine
Next (lower) Austenasian Order

The Order of the Bullmastiff is an order of chivalry bestowed by the Monarch of the Empire of Austenasia, the bullmastiff being the national animal of Austenasia. Founded on 3 January 2009 by Act 41 (Additional Honours), it was the senior Austenasian order of chivalry in precedence until the founding of the Glorious Order of St. John on 31 January 2009 and the Order of Saint Constantine on 21 May 2016, and is now the third highest in precedence.

The Order is unique amongst Austenasian orders of chivalry in having a Mascot, a bullmastiff appointed by the Monarch to serve as a symbol of Austenasia for life. This position has been vacant since the death of "Lily" Carothan Lilly of the Water in January 2018, but Honorary Mascots - dogs who are not a bullmastiff - have been appointed to serve in its place.

Prior to April 2016, when the fifth grade was established, all the grades of knighthoods in this order had maximum quotas; this resulted in the order being dormant from September 2010 to January 2013, September 2013 to May 2014, and September 2015 to April 2016 due to there being no more spaces available.


There are five grades in the Order of the Bullmastiff, the holders of all of which may legally be referred to as knights:

  • Knight/Dame of Carothan
  • Knight/Dame of Rose
  • Knight/Dame of Edd
  • Knight/Dame of Molossers
  • Knight/Dame of the Order of the Bullmastiff


Knights/Dames of Carothan (KOC/DOC)

Knights/Dames of Rose (KOR/DOR)

Knights/Dames of Edd (KOE/DOE)

Knights/Dames of Molossers (KOM/DOM)

  • Timothy B.: 10/1/2009
  • Jennifer B.: 10/1/2009
  • Gregory Allen: 14/3/2009
  • Patrick Allen: 14/3/2009
  • Kyng Fyrst: 5/10/2009
  • Lieutenant Alfred Hayes: 10/3/2010

Knights/Dames of the Order of the Bullmastiff (KOB/DOB)

Former recipients


The Order of the Bullmastiff is the only Austenasian order of chivalry to have a mascot. The Mascot is intended to be a bullmastiff who acts almost as a ceremonial embodiment of the Empire's national animal, appointed for life by the Monarch. Since January 2018 there has been no Mascot proper; from February 2018, a non-bullmastiff Honorary Mascot has been appointed to fill the vacancy.

The first two Mascots, Rose and Edd, were pets of the immediate Imperial Family. On 3 May 2014 and 17 April 2016, Emperor Jonathan I issued Imperial Decrees creating lines of succession of sorts to the position of Mascot, comprised of bullmastiffs owned by family friends. However, only one of these dogs - "Lily" Carothan Lilly of the Water, the daughter of Rose - was alive when Edd died in April 2017. She therefore immediately and automatically become the next Mascot, but died in January 2018 without an heir. With no suitable successor able to be found, on 26 February later that year Emperor Jonathan I appointed Cleo as Honorary Mascot, a role in which she served until her own death in October 2021, being succeeded by the incumbent Honorary Mascot, Ralph.

List of Mascots

Mascot Portrait Birth Death Relation to previous Mascot Bloodlines
Bramarley Paloma of Carothan
3 January 2009 - 24 April 2014
RoseApril08.jpg 17 Jun 2006
Milton Keynes, UK
24 Apr 2014
Carshalton, UK
N/A Kennels: Carothan, Bramarley
Other bloodlines: Oldwell, Brogalan, Wyburn
Hyerdunscar's Notorious Edd of Carothan
24 April 2014 - 4 April 2017
EddJuly10.jpg 29 Dec 2008
Bolton, UK
4 Apr 2017
Wrythe, Austenasia
Fourth cousin once removed of Rose Kennels: Carothan, Hyerdunscar
Other bloodlines: Frankental, Graecia, Jobull
Carothan Lilly of the Water
4 April 2017 - 26 January 2018
LilyDec16h.jpg 27 Jun 2010
Wimbledon, UK
26 Jan 2018
West Clandon, UK
Daughter of Rose; second cousin once removed of Edd Kennel: Carothan
Other bloodlines: Oldwell, Bramarley, Sundabish
Cleopatra Carling Buchanan
26 February 2018 – 29 October 2021 (Honorary)
Cleo.jpg 26 Feb 2011
Skye, UK
29 Oct 2021
Smallfield, UK
N/A: Non-bullmastiff appointed as Honorary Mascot Unknown
1 December 2021 – present (Honorary)
Ralph.jpg Unknown
Living N/A: Non-bullmastiff appointed as Honorary Mascot Unknown