Taeglan I Nihilus, Reylan Emperor

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His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Taeglan I Nihilus
Prince of The Marimear
Photograph taken May 2011
1st Emperor of the Reylan Empire
In office
5 July 2005-4 May 2006
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Himself as Chancellor of the Imperial Republic
Chancellor of the Imperial Republic of Reyla
In office
4 May 2006-8 September 2006
Predecessor Himself as Emperor of the Reylan Empire
Successor Himself as Emperor of the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate
Emperor of the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate
Assumed office
8 September 2006
Predecessor Himself as Emperor of the Reylan Empire
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 5 June 1992
Birmingham, UK
Citizenship Reylan/Imperial, British
Residence The Marimear, Reylan Imperial Triumvirate
Religion Atheist

We do not need to emulate every action of the macronational world. To do so we only condemn ourselves to repeating their incessant failures.

— Taeglan I Nihilus, on the nature of micronationalism, 24 August 2011

HIM Taeglan I Nihilus is the founder and Emperor of the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate, having ruled as Reylan Emperor since the foundation of the Empire on 5 July 2005. As crowned head of state and government, Nihilus has been the driving force behind many of the legislative reforms within the Empire, and has actively participated in the governmental procedure. A self declared micronational purist, Nihilus is noted for his confrontation of what he has described as 'frivolous elements' in the micronational community, and his opposition to the ideas and principles of micronational 'wars'.


Early life and Education

Taeglan I Nihilus was born on 5 June 1992 in Solihull General Hospital, under the birth name Stephen James Andrew Hill. For three years, he lived in the Castle Bromwich suburb of Birmingham, before moving to Staffordshire, where he still lives for three months of the year.

Nihilus attended the local St. Mary's C of E Primary School, where his intelligence and skills were noted, leading to problems with the advancement of his schooling. In 2001 amid dissatisfaction with his progress, which seemed to be being stilted by the lack of resources of the school, he was moved to Oldfields Hall Middle School, where he continued his education, gaining very positive results.Following his completion of middle school, Nihilus advanced to Thomas Alleyne's High School, where he studied for his GCSEs, to great success, achieving a certain notoriety amongst his fellows, and gaining the nickname of 'The Oracle' due to his seemingly encyclopaedic knowledge, a attribute that he strongly rebutted. After successful completion of his GCSE's in 2008, Nihilus joined the sixth form at Alleyne's, where he studied the International Baccalaureate until 2010.

Following his International Baccalaureate, Nihilus joined the Law Faculty of Bangor University, studying for his Bachelor of Laws degree, with which he graduated in July 2013. Following this with a Masters' egree in Air and Space Law from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Nihilus finished his legal training in November 2015, completing his Bar Practice Training Course in London, and was called to the Bar of England and Wales in March 2016 at the Honourable Society of Gray's Inn.

In addition to his compulsory education, Nihilus is also a trained actor, having achieved Grade Eight Trinity Drama qualifications with Distinction. He also made a spirited, albeit ultimately failed foray into the world of music, achieving Grade Four on the Clarinet, before abandoning the study in favour of Drama.

Pre-Reylan Empire

Nihilus' first encounter with what he initially knew as micronationalism was upon his introduction to geofiction by his cousin, former King of Oscland, a Micras nation whilst he was still in Middle School. Serving in various positions within the Osclandish government, Nihilus soon came to realise that the basic principles of geofiction could be applied easily to more physical bounds. Following further investigation of this, Nihilus discovered other like-minded individuals, and on 5 July 2005, he wrote the first Imperial Constitution (now lost) of the Reylan Empire, laying the foundations for what would ultimately become the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate.

Rule of the Reylan Empire

The Reylan Empire (Often known as the 'First Imperium' to distinguish it from the current incarnation of the Empire) was a much more frivolous micronation than its successors. Claiming territories both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial, a notable extra-terrestrial claim being the entirety of the Triangulum Galaxy (with a clause granting autonomy to any and all Alien species within the same), the Empire began to seek out other micronations, and to develop something of a culture. The First Imperium was a constitutional monarchy with the Emperor as Head of State (Then using his birth name as Emperor Stephen I) and the Prime Minister as Head of Government. As a constitutional monarch, the Emperor retained the ability to veto legislation, within certain parameters, largely based upon the principles of the British Royal Prerogative. For approximately ten months, the Empire ran with few events of distinction, and little activity beyond the actions of the Prime Minister and Emperor. Although a constitutional monarchy, the Emperor exerted significant influence over the Prime Minister, and as such maintained quite strong control over the actions of the government. In the weeks before 4 May 2006, the Emperor and Prime Minister, undertaking discussions decided to change the Empire into a republic, lead by an elected leader, and the Imperial Senate.

Although at the time, the Emperor believed himself to be entirely serious, subsequently he has described his reign over the First Imperium as 'examplary of the frivolities of youth', and the inactivity of the first Empire as 'a perfect example of a micronations which bumbles on, but not much else'. Although these comments may be seen as critical of the first Imperium, Nihilus has also expressed his fondness of the former Imperium, stating that 'it was a simpler project, for a simpler time and a simpler man'.

As Chancellor of the Imperial Republic

Following the swiftly organised elections, the Emperor was elected as Chancellor of the Imperial Republic, and decided that, as a nod to the history of the Empire, the Republic should retain many of the characteristics of the Empire. The first act of the new nine-man Imperial Senate was to redraft the constitution to reiterate the legal foundations of their existence, which had previously only been loosely laid out in an act of the former Empire. On 16 June, the new constitution was ratified, completing the transition from constitutional monarchy to republic. As Chancellor, Nihilus championed the creation of the first Imperial currency, the Dacina, and its subsequent use amongst the citizens of the Republic. Whilst the Imperial economy showed some success in this period, the new government was not so lucky, and on September 8, 2006, a proposal was made to restore the Empire as an absolute monarchy. The vote of 10 September 2006 (which the Chancellor abstained from voting in, citing inappropriateness) confirmed the desire to return to an Imperial form, and the Chancellor was, by popular demand, offered the throne once more, an offer which he (somewhat reluctantly) accepted.

The Reylan Imperial Triumvirate

Although intended as an absolute monarchy the Emperor stipulated that if he was to retake the throne, it would not be as sole governor. He proposed a system in which although the Emperor held absolute power, general governmental responsibility for the day to day running of the Empire would be shared by three bodies. The Imperial Parliament, a body comprised of elected representatives, in which persons would be elected to roles as Ministers; the Council of Three, comprised of the Parliamentary Triumvir (conventionally the First Minister), the Citizens Triumvir (a directly elected representative of the citizens) and the Imperial Triumvir (the Emperor); and the Emperor himself. Upon approval from the citizens, in his first act as Emperor, the Imperial Constitution, derived from the original, was passed into Imperial Law, and the three bodies were established.

Following elections, in which all positions were filled, the Emperor began the work of government, passing legislation, establishing cultural institutions and organisations and preparing for the future of the Empire. He has been the driving force behind many of the new policies and constitutional alterations that the Empire has gone through, and is dedicated to serving the general public, both within and without the Empire. Although fairly young, he has shown his proficiency at handling delicate matters, and speaking in public. He makes frequent appearances in public, and can often be heard on the Imperial Audio Network presenting programmes on such diverse topics as history, science and the arts, as well as his formal addresses to the electorate of the Empire. Within the Empire, His Majesty is very well regarded, and his approach to rule has lead to him acquiring the nickname of 'The Thoroughly Modern Monarch' amongst some of the citizenry.

Although the Emperor has been offered governmental positions in other micronations, he has invariably turned them down, insisting that his primary focus must always be with the citizens of the Empire. After discovering and joining the MicroWiki Community in 2009, the Emperor began to become active within the MicroWiki sector, before making the executive decision to withdraw following the Camurian War. The decision was re-considered following the invitation by Alexander Reinhardt for an Imperial delegation to attend the 2011 Intermicronational Summit, an invitation which was accepted by the Emperor, along with the re-entry of the Triumvirate into the MicroWiki Community.

Taeglan I Nihilus at the 2011 Intermicronational Summit

Following his acceptance of the invitation to the Summit, the Emperor (also going as representative of the Oxi Dependency) began to make preparations and was honoured by having his suggestion for the topic of the summit accepted by the organisers. In an announcement made to the sector, the Emperor stated that he would be making a speech on the topic, addressing the contemporary issues of the community, as he saw them, and decrying the state of some of the nations involved. His speech was well received amongst both the attendees, and those who read the transcript later, and the Emperor was reported to be pleased by the reception of his speech, although he rejected some of the more elaborate praises, claiming that the speech could have been better 'if it had been written in more than 30 minutes'.

On 21 August 2011, the Emperor signed the Imperial Decree allowing for the incorporation of the Empire's long term ally the Oxi Dependency (formerly the United Territories) as a Imperial crown dependency. The arrangement was personally negotiated by the Emperor and his personal friend King Colby of Oxi, and took effect on the same day. By the terms of the articles, as negotiated, Imperial Citizenship was extended to all citizens of Oxi, along with the rights associated with that title. Oxi accepted the Imperial Constitution, and became a part of the Empire, under the Governorship of its former (and titular) king. The Empire had undergone its first major territorial expansion for many years. The Emperor welcomed the move, stating that it was a great step forward in Imperial history, and heralded great things for Oxi independence, when the Dependency was once more ready to strike out alone.

On 2 January 2012, the Emperor announced the 2012 elections, to be held between 23 and 29 January with results to be announced on 30 of the same month. The Emperor expressed his delight that, after several months of sole governance, the Empire would once more be bestowed with a partially elected government.

Personal life

Besides his micronational work, the Emperor is proficient in many other fields. A keen actor and comedian, he performs frequently in festivals and at other occasions. A published poet, playwright and author, he is frequently found with his head in various books, performing studies into one thing or another.

In addition to English, he has a passable (although by no means fluent) understanding of French and German, and lists his interests as astronomy, history, politics and psychology. A firm atheist, he prides himself on his sense of honour and dignity, and is critical of what he describes as the 'nimieties' of modern life. An accomplished public speaker, who has won acclaim and awards for his speeches, the Emperor is keen to promote micronationalism amongst the wider population, and the investigation of micronational subcultures.

He is currently engaged in a research project into micronationalism, which is due to be published later this year.

Political Views

The Emperor is an ardent monarchist, and a left leaning libertarian. A proponent of equality, freedom and justice for all, the Emperor is insistent that these values are shared by the Empire. The Emperor's views have been controversial in the past, as he is something of an opponent of democracy, and a proponent of a form of accountable elective monarchy.

Within the micronational sphere, he opposes micronational 'wars' and the use of virtual elements within otherwise serious micronations.

Full Title

Monarchical styles of
Taeglan I Nihilus
Reference style His Imperial Majesty
Spoken style Your Imperial Majesty
Alternative style Lord

His Imperial Majesty Taeglan I Nihilus, Imperator et Primus inter Pares, Prince of The Marimear, Imperial Triumvir, Sovereign of the Imperial Order of Reyla, the Order of the Moon and the Order of the Caduceus

Awards and decorations

Granted to the Emperor by the Government of Landashir for services to intermicronational affairs, whether through diplomatic, spiritual or philosophical engagement

Granted to the Emperor by the Government of Erephisia for long-standing contributions to the general micronational community

Granted by the Emperor of Austenasia

Granted by the Emperor of Austenasia