Glorious Order of St. John

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Glorious Order of St. John
Awarded by the Empire of Austenasia
Type Chivalric order with three ranks
Awarded for At the absolute discretion of the Monarch
Status Currently awarded
Established 31 January 2009
First awarded 31 January 2009
Last awarded 18 September 2021
Total awarded Recipients: 31
Maximum quotas Knight Companion: 12
Other grades: no limit
Next (higher) N/A
Next (lower) Order of Saint Constantine

The Glorious Order of St. John is an order of chivalry bestowed by the Monarch of the Empire of Austenasia. Founded on 31 January 2009 by Act 56 (Order of Chivalry), it is the most senior Austenasian order of chivalry in terms of precedence.


There are three grades in the Glorious Order of St. John, the holders of all of which may legally be referred to as knights. Its most senior grade, Knight/Dame Companion, is the highest-ranking non-noble title which the Austenasian Monarch can bestow.

  • Knight/Dame Companion
  • Knight/Dame of Honour
  • Knight/Dame of Virtue


Knight/Dame Companions (KCJ/DCJ)

Knights/Dames of Honour (KHJ/DHJ)

Knights/Dames of Virtue (KVJ/DVJ)

Former recipients