Stamatios, Co-Emperor of Imvrassia

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Stamatios Augustus
Βασιλεύς Σταμάτιος
Junior Co-Emperor of Imvrassia
Co-Emperor of Imvrassia
Reign1 November 2019 – present
Heir apparentCaesar Stamatios
King of Imvrassia
Reign14 January 2017 – 20 November 2018
Born12 December 1955 (1955-12-12) (age 67)
Hellenic Republic w:Greece
ConsortPansebaste Aikaterini of Imvrassia
ReligionGreek Orthodox

Stamatios the Epiphanes of Imvrassia is junior co-emperor of Imvrassia.


In the Greek alphabet, the time is written as Σταμάτιος Α' which is properly transliterated as Stamatios I. The letter 'A' after the name identifies the numbering of the Monarch. When God first created the Angels he left them to their own authority. One of them, the so-called Lucifer, first among the Angels, appointed by God to an angelic order, became proud and meditated on placing his throne above God. As soon as he was satisfied, he fell down into the abyss of the earth and from an Angel he was became a Devil, and with him he dragged all his order, some of them reached Hades, others stayed on the earth, others in the water, others in the air, those who are called aerial tolls of souls. Then the Heaven split open and the Demons fell, all the Orders of the Heaven were signified and the commander-in-chief Michael then stood in the midst of them and said: "We stand in the fear of God" and immediately as each one was found he stayed, stood, stopped where he was." Christians celebrate this day, because the gathering of the Angels took place and together they celebrate those bearing angelic names: Michael, Gabriel, Seraphim, Angel, Stamatis, Stamatia-Stamatina (from "Stand after fear...").

Micronational life

His Majesty have an active role in the politics of the State.
Stamatios began his micronational career as an advisor of the Crown and as Governor of the Province of Vlamaria with the title of the Grand Duke of Imvrassia since the foundation of the state. He was promoted as Governor-General of the Province of Vlamaria from 5 October 2013 and became Prime Minister of Imvrassia from 20 May 2014 until 1 December 2015. He was promoted to the rank of Magistros on 3 October 2015 and to the rank of Caesar of Imvrassia on 1 December 2015. At the same day he was named as Co-Prince of Imvrassia, after a decision of the then Prince of Imvrassia, Aggelos I and served as deputy head of state until 31 January 2016.
On 1 April 2016 after a decision of the Imvrassian monarch, he was named as Co-King of Imvrassia and was appointed again as deputy head of state.

Monarch of Imvrassia

On 14 January 2017 the Council of Ministers proclaimed Caesar Stamatios as King of Imvrassia and joint Monarch alongside with Queen Aikaterini.
On 19 August 2018 Queen Aikaterini abdicate from the throne and that resulted King Stamatios to remain sole monarch. His reign although lasted until 20 November 2018, because he did not respond to his duties and the Government decided to replace him. The Crown was offered to Princess Aikaterini and after her positive answer she returned to the throne.

Post abdication and 2nd Reign

After his abdication as King, Stamatios was awarded the title of Magistros. Furtermore the Crown appointed Stamatios as Eponymous Archon of Vlamaria and οn 25 February 2019 as Mesazon, ie Head of the Government. On 1 November 2019, Queen Aikaterini returned briefly to her duties and decided to share the throne with her grandfather and Magistros Stamatios became again joint King. It was followed a Regent's decision, according to which Queen Aikaterini and King Stamatios were named Titular Kings without a real power, retaining only the royal title.
On 1 January 2020 Imvrassia proclaimed to the status of an Empire and Stamatios assumed the title of Emperor and the official address of Perpetuus Augustus. On 24 December 2020 Emperor Stamatios in the context of the changes of the Imvrassian Monarchy, honorably revoked from the the rank of Emperor and he received the title of Basileus, ie junior co-emperor, maintaining his honorary position and the rights to the succession to the throne but without executive powers and responsibilities.
On 15 July 2021 Emperor Aggelos issued a Chrysobull and bestowed to his father and co-Emperor the honorary title of the Epiphanes as the older member of the House of Vatazides.
On 1 August 2021 was issued a decision of the Privy Council , concerning the members of the Ruling House and decided for them not to take government positions, but to assist the Crown in administrative matters in the provincial administration. According to this decision, Stamatios took under his jurisdiction the Praetorian Prefecture of the East.
With a Chrysobull on 25 December 2022, the Crown awarded the title of Sebastokrator of Ionisia to Co-Emperor Stamatios, giving a new dynastic title reffering to an area of great importance to the State.
On 16 April 2023 Emperor Aggelos issued a new Chrysobull and change the dynastic titles of Sebastokrator to that of Hegemon (from Ancient Greek ἡγεμών - hēgemṓn, “a leader”, from ἡγέομαι - hēgéomai, “to lead”), as it is etymologically closer to the nominal jurisdiction of the title holders.

Official title

His Majesty Stamatios, Co-Emperor of Imvrassia and Augustus, Hegemon of Ionisia
Η Αυτού Μεγαλειότης ο Βασιλεύς Σταμάτιος της Ιμβρασίας και Αύγουστος, Ηγεμών της Ιωνησίας


As Co-Emperor of Imvrassia.

In His capacity as Co-Emperor.

Personal Arms of the Co-Emperor Stamatios.

Awards and decorations

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