Principality of Ongal

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Great Principality of Ongal
Coat of arms
Motto: Bulgarian language "Бог с нас! (engl. - "God with us")
Anthem: God Save the Prince
CapitalCamp Rid
Official languagesChurch Slavonic language and Bulgarian language
Demonym(s)Eastern Orthodoxy
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
Establishment25 November 2014[1][2][3]
• Census
circa 1400
CurrencyDanube Lev - golden (Au585-6,45g) and silver (Ag 955-4,85g) 32 x 0,8 mm ducatus coins
Time zoneCentral European Summer Time, DST = +2

The Danube Ecological Principality of Ongal is a Bulgarian-Magyar-Croatian aristocratic, traditionalist, hierarchical, conservative, strongly Christian and deep right patriotic structure that claims Terra nullius pieces of land (no man's land) outside of the Croatian state borders, on the Danube river right bank from 1405 km to 1355 km of the flow of the great river.[4] The Ongal overseas Antarctic region is Marie Byrd land and surrounding waters except the small territories claimed by the Principality of Arkel, Grand Duchy of Flandrensis, USA and Russian polar bases.[5]


The Principality of Ongal stands on the western bank of the Danube river about 85 km down from the Hungarian border, between the borders of Croatia and Serbia. Jake state consist of 10 capes, islands and pieces of land (from 1 700 to 598 000 sq. m each), all of them are circa 1,51 sq. km.[6][7][8][9] Before the Yugoslav Wars the territory was a part of a remarkable nature reserve park, now divided between Croatia and Serbia by their borders and Danube river, excluding the pointed 10 small pieces of land of the Ecological Princedom of Ongal. From north to the south, the first part of the Principality is "Rid" (about 144 450 sq. m) – small capes on the other side of the Danube opposite the Serbian town of Apatin, the second is "Gorno Podunavie" (about 793 000 sq. m) and the third is "Dolno Podunavie" (about 575 500 sq. m).[10]

History of the area

At the end of the Roman era, barbarian invasions largely depopulated the region of the antic inhabitants. The first mass of Bulgarians settled here around 400 A.D. and for this wrote Pavlus Orosius (375- 418) in his world-known manuscript "Geography". Here in Pannonia originated the Great Khan Krum the Fearsome and his dynasty of Great khans and Tzars (Cesars, Emperors), who ruled through the First Bulgarian Empire from 803 to 991, by some sources till 1018 and Transylvania after that. They created the first written laws of the Bulgarians. In 886, the Bulgarians the Saints Cyril and Methodius proto signs of the Bulgarian alphabet - bringing Cyrillic alphabets from St. Clement, St. Naum, Angelarius, Sava and St. Gorazd. The alphabet was spread by the powerful Bulgarian Empire into present Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, and Romania. But after 500 years their supremacy was over. In the last years of the 9-century Salan, the duke of Tzar Simeon I of Bulgaria (uncle of the Tzar) sold small pieces of land to the first leader of Hungarians Árpád, after the Hungarians settled in Pannonia. They conquered all Bulgarian possessions of Salan and begin their times of ruling a mixed Hungarian – Bulgarian populated region. After Turk invasion of Europe at the end of the 13th and the beginning of the 14th century, the Second Bulgarian Empire fell, and the crown of the Bulgarian tzars went to the Hungarian kingdom. In 1425, the Bulgarian Crown prince Fruzhin, son of the last Tzar Ivan Shishman of Bulgaria was awarded by Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor and Hungarian king with possession and fortress Lipova close to here for the brave fighting against Turks. In 1541, the entire region fell under Turkish rule for 140 years, and then was liberated by Austro-Hungarian troops and become a part of his state. From 1689 to 1878, more Bulgarian mass refugees from Turks after the Ottoman–Habsburg wars and Christian uprisings were resettled here. Empress Maria Theresa (1717–1780) gave them a special decree that allowed them a legal right to settle. Austro-Hungarian Empire fell in 1918 and was ruled by Serb, Croatian, Montenegrian, and Yugoslav leaders, ruling for about 70 years, excluding 1941–1945 when the region is Hungarian again. At the beginning of the 90 years of the 20th century, Yugoslavia crumbled into a civil war. According to the previous and final peace agreement – The Erdut Agreement on 15 January 1998, the state border of Croatia on the right bank of the Danube excluded 5 small "pockets" of Croatian territory, considered Serbian, however, Serbia rejected the Croatian claims and fixed the Serbian state border on the middle of the River Danube and refused to have any lands on the right bank of the river. In this way, numerous micronations were claiming No man's land.

Specifics of the Ecological Danubian Principality of Ongal

The Ecological Danubian Principality of Ongal on the basis of Terra nullius axiom of the Public international law was officially established on 25 November 2014[11][12][13] and with prepared national flag, coat of arms, national anthem, currency design (Danubian lev - Löwen ducat coin 32 x 0,8 mm, first brass coin issued on 9 November 2015 for the first anyversary of the Principality, next are silver coins issued on National day 24 May 2016 - 4,85g Ag 955/1000, for 2017 are prepared golden Danubian levs 8,92 g Au 14/24), passports, post and tax stamps sample (first post with state stamps send on 23 September 2015г. in Bulgaria, first post with state stamp send to Croatia on 6 January 2016), state orders and all others state isignia and structure proclaimed in Sofia on 24 May 2015 by Bulgarian and Hungarian citizens "with the reason to take care for this abandoned and not cleaned of explosive mines small pieces of lends and its Danubian banks destroying by the flow of the river, defend their statute of hi level protected Natural Park with very important habitats for Central Europe and Balkans and for other hand to have for them a responsible state government that prevent this "No men lend" to become a nest of criminality, contraband of narcotics and, let save us God, home for terrorists ".[14] The state is Absolute monarchy govern by the Knyaz (Prince) and his ministers – chancellor minister and minister of ecology,[15] as the lends are a previous Nature park and no inhabitеd forest, there are no permanent residents, the Principality have no population on the ground and any other form of government type or elections are impossible. On 16th of June 2016 the Prince adress the people of Europe in cemtral news of the Bulgarian National state television BNT and od the Bulgarian national private television Btv. On 17th of June 2015 in Bulgarian telegraph agency BTA Ongal Prince and gdvernment give the first press conference. Same day Principality addressed letters for friendship and protection to Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria.
The Ecological Principality has established the mutual recognizing connections and diplomatic relations with different organisations and others similar status states first – with Principality of New Atlantis (in size like Belgium floating island in the Pacific Ocean), 2 - Citizen Sociaty "Mladost -Sofia", 3 - Sociaty "Nezavisim obshtestven kontrol" 4 - the neighbor self-proclaimed country Kingdom of Enclava, 5 - the neighbor self-proclaimed country Republic of Valkadia, 6 - Union of veterans of Bulgarian army, 7 - Kingdom of Elohem, 8 - Kingdom of Ruthenia, 9 - Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic, 10 - Coratian party AHSP, 11 - Boyana club for support of the bugarian state and nation, 12 - Bulgarian Academy of Science and Arts , 13 - Bulgarian party BNRP, 14 - PEGIDA Deutschland, 15 - Political organisation "Fortress Europa", 16 - Empire of Austenasia, 17 - Bulgarian "Movement Vazrazdane", 18 - Dobrudza regional Museum, 19 - Bulgarian Movement "BND Shipka", 20 - society Hungarian-bulgarian brotherhood, 21 - Empire of Pavlov, 22 Kingdom of Ourania, the Principality receive greatngs for its sovereignty from other micronations like: Grand Republic of Delvera, Federation of Nedlandic Republics, Empire of Quailia and Cristian Holy Empire of New Israel, for now it have no recognition by old countries, or by the United Nations, Principality of Ongal is a founding member of the "Global Alliance for free integration, economic and sustainable growth" (that since 12 Oktober 2016 become a member of the Paris Agreement of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), Danube Council and defence organisation Danube pact.[16][17] In the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels the Principality give the power to be prsented by the one of the members of the group "European Conservatives and Reformists" (ECR). Principality clamed ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 — ON, ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 — ONG, ISO 4217 alfa-3 — DLV.[18]


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