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The current date is
21 January 2019

Events by month






  • 1st - The Non-Territorial Republic of Marland celebrates its first election date.
  • 11th - Derskovian Head of Goverment Frido van Houten dies at age 37.
  • 20th - The Faction System of Estremitá is founded.
  • 31st - The Confederacy officially dissolves when Dylan Emborough leaves the school. Without a leader, elections are attempted, but they fall apart quickly and the Confederacy splits into different factions: the Musketeers, the ROS, Zyland, and the Korean Nations Seefor and Karan.


  • 1st - The Springfield Revolution ends in Hodiny with a victory for the government.
  • 6th
  • 12th - The Tropicana, a navy vessel of Leylandiistan, hits rocks off of Cap du Penvins, France, and is damaged beyond repair.
  • 16th - The Kingdom of Edenia is dissolved back into Australia.
  • 22nd - Lord Albert Windsor becomes the new Prime Minister of Bohemia.
  • 22nd - Speerland annexes Clearwater Island, maps it, and begins a program to clear it of invasious goarse.
  • 27th - Hiroshi disbands the 1st Empire of Yoko.







List of micronations

Nation (start of year) Months Nation (end of year)
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
Abeldane Empire Abeldane Empire
Adammia Adammia
Alenshka Alenshka
Archmidian Realm Kingdom of Archmidian (Nolland)
Austenasia Austenasia
Federated States of America Federated States
Dale-Westland Dale-Westland
Derskovia Derskov-Viadalvia
Holy Kingdom of Deseret Holy Kingdom of Deseret
Edenia Edenia
Erephisia Erephisia
Faction System of Estremitá Faction System of Estremitá
Turto Falcar
Flandrensis Flandrensis
Florenia Florenia
Francisville Rudno
Freblick Freblick
Heist-op-den-Berg Heist-op-den-Berg
Imvrassia Imvrassia
Kingdom of Giovalen Kingdom of Giovalen
Kid United Republic Kid United Republic
Kingdom of Ruthenia Kingdom of Ruthenia
People's Republic of Hashima People's Republic of Hashima
Hobartstown and Victoria Hobartstown and Victoria
Indokistan Indokistan
Kingdom of Juclandia Federal Juclandia
Republic of Latitudia Republic of Latitudia
Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan Confederation of Leylandiistan & Gurvata
Lundenwic Lundenwic
Lurk Lurk
Macita North Atlantic Federation
Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor
Marland Flammancia
German Reich of Mednyi German Reich of Mednyat
Militarmia Militarmia
Mouzilo Mouzilo
Democratic Republic of Nedland Democratic Republic of Nedland
Empire of New Winterdown Principality of Beacon City
Pannonia Pannonia
Principality of Pripyat' Principality of Pripyat'
Renasia Renasia
Rudno Rudno
Sabia and Verona Sabia and Verona
Sandus Sandus
Senya Senya
Sirocco Sirocco
Slavstria Slavstria
Starland Republic and New Pamlico Starland Republic and New Pamlico
St.Charlie St.Charlie
St. John St. John
Suwerenny, Republic of Suwerenny, Republic of
Titania Titania
Theodia, Republic of Theodia, Republic of
Uberstadt Uberstadt
Vyktory Vyktory
Wyvern Wyvern
Zenrax: Interregnum, pre-Zenrax Stormhold (later known as Zenrax)
Zealandia Zealandia