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Her Imperial Majesty
Art of Empress Haruna by Kiseki Toyosaki
Art of Empress Haruna by Kiseki Toyosaki
2nd Empress of Yoko (Shinmyo)
Reigned 22 September 2014 - 21 October 2014
Enthronement September 2014
Predecessor Hiroshi
Successor Throne disestablished (de jure)
Kiseki Toyosaki (de facto)
Prime Minister Shady Morsi
Full name
Haruna Tokyawachi (東京和知春菜)
Era name and dates
Haruna: 20 September 2014 - 21 October 2014
[[w:Royal house|]] Haruna dynasty
Born 3 September 2000
Occupation Geisha
Religion Shinto

Haruna (Japanese: 幸恵) is the Empress of the Empire of Yoko (then-called Imperial State of Shinmyo), the 2nd monarch of her line according to Yoko's order of succession. She acceded to the throne on September 2014. She is a constitutional monarch, therefore her power as Empress is limited. Haruna is known to be the "Akahana Empress" or the "The Frendly Empress", Unlike other monarchs She is more intrested in the wellbeing and prosperity then herself. On 21 October 2014, Haruna abdicated due to some reasons and became a Geisha in Shurigawa.

Preceded by: 2nd Emperor of Yoko Succeded by: Yoko flag.png
Hiroshi) 9 September 2014 - 21 October 2014 Kiseki Toyosaki