Empire of Yoko

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Empire of Yoko


Coat of arms
Motto: 土地が悟りを開いたとします (last)
(Japanese: Let the land be enlightened)
Anthem: 君が代
(Japanese: Kimigayo)
CapitalOkinokyo (first)
Official languagesJapanese
GovernmentSingle-party state absolute monarchy (2015)
• Emperor
Hiroshi (first)
Ueji Shirō (last)
Establishment13 April 2014 (1st Empire)
9 September 2015 (Shinmyo)
21 July 2015 (2nd Empire)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Imperial State of Shinmyo
Imperial State of Shurigawa

The Empire of Yoko (Japanese: 洋子の帝国), was an British, then Dutch, then Indonesian-based Japanese micronation. It was founded in 2014 by Emperor Hiroshi then re-established as the Imperial State of Shinmyo (Japanese: 州新名帝国) by Shady Morsi, then established as Yoko for the second time and disestablished due to inactivity for around three months.

The flag of Yoko is most likely based on the flag of the Empire of Japan.