Haruna Dynasty

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Imperial Seal of Shurigawa.png
CountryYoko flag.png Empire of Yoko (then-called Imperial State of Shinmyo) and other colonial realms.
TitlesEmpress of Shinmyo
Emperor of Shinmyo
Regent of Shinmyo
Crown Prince
Crown Princess
Dissolution2014 (replaced by Toyosaki dynasty in 2015)

The Haruna Dynasty, also called the House of Haruna, is the 2nd dynasty of the Empire of Yoko (then-called Imperial State of Shinmyo), consisting of the descendants of Haruna Tokyawachi, the founder of Shinmyo. is known by his reigning name; Haruna.

Preceded by: 2nd Dynasty of Yoko Succeded by: Yoko flag.png
Walker (Hiroshi) dynasty 9 September 2014 - 21 October 2014 Toyosaki dynasty