Republic of Titania

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Republic of Titania
Coat of arms
Motto: Honour Above All
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentGovernment of Titania
• President
Arthish Banerjee
• Vice President
Souptik Das
Establishment24 September 2014
• (citizens as of 2014 estimate) census
CurrencyIndian rupee
Time zoneTitanian Standard Time (UTC+5:30)

The Republic of Titania is a micronation founded in 2014. It is based in Kolkata, India and was founded on 24 September 2014.


The name, the Republic of Titania, was thought out by the founder, Arthish Banerjee, as he was particularly in love with the word for reasons yet unknown.


At about September, 2014, Arthish was introduced to micronationalism by James-Robert Knight, who thought of including Arthish in his own micronation, Vyktory. But, due to technical reasons, was forced to act otherwise. Arthish was then encouraged by him to start his own micronation, and thus the Republic of Titania was formed in the heart of Kolkata - by Arthish Banerjee and mostly his school friends.

Government and politics

Titania is a maicronation with the best of both worlds of Government forms - having both representative, and direct democracy; with the right to elect their president directly, and also electing 3 Members of Parliament of their choice.

Law and order

Titania runs on the principles of civil law, with the courts being the State, National and Supreme courts, in order of ascending importance. Each court is used depending on the severity of a crime, however, due to the rarity of crimes, the courts are not permanent and are instead summoned on demand.

Foreign relations

Titania have no current foreign relations.


Titania have no standing military, at the present moment, but a small defensive armed force is under consideration.

Geography and climate

The Republic of Titania is set in the heart of Kolkata, India. Having a moderated climate, Kolkata has sultry summers, and soothing winters, with temperatures reaching the 40 degree celsius mark at summer, and hovering at about 8-15 degrees clesius in winter times.


Titania has no industry, and thus, no economy.


In a transitional stage.


Titania's media is a work in progress, and is starting to grow, with a broadcasting channel, and newssite upcoming.