Republic of Vertigo

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Republic of Vertigo (ENG)
'Motto: '"What is possible has been done,
What is impossible must be done"
Anthem: National Anthem of Vertigo
[[File:claims: Socorro Island|frameless|upright=1.15]]
Official languagesde-facto: Hebrew, English
• President
• Senate President
• Lower Parliament President
Establishment5 August 2014
• Census
Currencyde-jure: Libra Vertigana (LVR)
Time zoneUTC+2

Vertigo, officialy the Republic of Vertigo (formerly: Presidency of Vertigo), was a micronation based on claims in the Socorro Island, with its government being located in Jerusalem, Israel.
Vertigo was established in 2014.
The goal of Vertigo was to create a new society, based on justice and truth, that educates to love people and will avoid war and hate. As part of its goals, Vertigo had claimed that it will only act diplomatically to gain de-facto control on the claimed land land.


The origin of the name Vertigo was a Spanish word that means speed, velocity.


Vertigo was established on 5 August 2014, as the Presidency of Vertigo. It grew fast, establishing diplomatic relations with other micronations, and joining the Nollandish Confederacy on 20 August 2014.
After estblishing the new nation, a National Parliament with four citizens of Vertigo taking part in it was assembled.

30 September reconstruction

Some days after assembling the Parliament, one of the Parliament Members have been judged for treason, and his nationality was taken from him. The Parliament had only three members left. A month after that incident, the lack of activity by the Parliament members, made the Vertigan President to disassemble it, taking the nationality from all of the citizens who were not active enough. A message that was published that day: "On 30 September 2014, 01:10AM (UTC+2), the Vertigan Parliament has been disassembled and the entire nation is now under massive reconstruction."
The President decided to start new institutions and organizations, such as the national eSports association and the national broadcasting authority. He also decided to start some governmental companies, such as VCom.

Defunctional nation era

Vertigo went into the first 'defunct' status as of 6 August 2015. This era ended within one month, when the nation was, yet again, reconstructed.

Transition to Republic

On 11 October 2015, the President of Vertigo announced about a new governmental structure, converting Vertigo into a Republic. [1]
This new structure was based on some ideas from the Roman Republic and also has some Direct and Parliamentary Democracy ideas.


The Vertigan culture was a culture based on justice and love. It was affected by many other cultures, especially by the Israeli, Argentine and Kurdish cultures. The main official language in Vertigo was English.


While all religions are legal in Vertigo, there's no official religion.
Exploiting or abusing any religion for the purpose of war and hate used to be a criminal offense punishable by the revocation of citizenship and deportation or by death penalty (in extreme cases).


The Association Football was the national sport of Vertigo.
Vertigo also have started sports associations - including the VeSA and the VFA.

VFA - Vertigan Football Association

The VFA was the governing body of professional association football and football-like games in Vertigo.

Registrated Clubs
Club Name Club President Active Sports League(s) Founded
C.D. Vertigo Association Football 2015

VeSA - Vertigan eSports Association

Detailed article: Vertigan eSports Association
Vertigo has a national eSports association - the VeSA (Vertigan eSports Association). The VeSA is responsible for all of the professional eSports played by Vertigan teams, including the Vertigo national teams. It was established on 2 October 2014.

Foreign relations

The Republic of Vertigo was a very friendly nation, and wills to have good relations with any country, as long as they:

  • Do not promote hate or violence against any other person, race or religion.
  • Are not in war with any allies of Vertigo.
  • Are decisive enough to be considered serious.
  • Their leaders and representatives respect other people, even if they have different ideas and opinions.

It has been declared by the President that any hate promoting nations, will be officially declared as rogue states.

Alliances and Recognition


  • Vertigo was part of the MFA - Micronational Football Association, since 16 February 2016.

In the past


Vertigo Broadcasting Authority (VBA)

After the 30 September reconstruction, the President of Vertigo decided he has to start a broadcasting authority for Vertigo. He started it the 19 October 2014.
The VBA ran a YouTube channel, and a local IPTV channel - Vertigo 1 - in the current government's headquarters.