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Micronational Football Association
Formation13 January 2009
TypeFootball Association
HeadquartersNorwich, United Kingdom
Membership2 [1]
PresidentBarnaby Hands

The Micronational Football Association, commonly known by the acronym MFA, is an international football body of association football for micronations with futsal and beach soccer having never been discussed as the responsibility of the MFA or not. Its headquarters are located in Norfolk, and its current president is Barnaby Hands, who took the presidency on September 8, 2011, after founder Joe Foxon stood down from the position. The MFA is responsible for the organisation and governance of football's major micronational tournaments, most notably the MFA World Cup, the first edition of which was scheduled to be held in 2013 in Rukora.


The national football team of Sealand, who joined the NF-Board in December 2003.

Micronational football had always lacked a governing body. Throughout the 1980's Vikesland and Molossia both expressed interest in playing football, although, with the disestablishment of the North American Soccer League (NASL) in the mid-1980s, both nations abandoned plans. Sealand formed a football team in 2003 and joined the NF-Board in December 2003. The Micras sector founded the FMF in 2006, but this organisation only governs virtual fixtures between Micrasian nations. In 2009, the MFA was founded by Joe Foxon.
The organisation grew on the Wikia, especially in 2009, when the host nation was announced for the 2013 World Cup. In 2010, the organisation expelled several nations, notably Tiana and Libertaria for inactivity, and in 2011 after the dissolution of Prometheus, membership fell to 8. However, Fiharaya and Pambia joined in the spring of 2011, and in the summer the Dale Empire (now Dale Republic) joined, meaning membership rose to 11.

On September 10, 2011, Joe Foxon was officially replaced as President of the MFA by Barnaby Hands, with Foxon siting personal reason for his unexpected departure. Hands quickly rolled out his first six-point annual plan, which would see the introduction of the VMFA and its various competitions. The organisation enjoyed a minor level of success with multiple fixtures being played between MFA members between 2011 and 2013. However, these fixtures were limited to the 3 Norfolk, England nations of Dallingrad, DES Senya and New Persia. Despite efforts to organise a number of MFA competitions, especially the MFA World Cup in 2013 and 2015, the organisation declined into a state of effective inactivity following the last fixture played between 2 MFA members a 10-9 win for Dallingrad over DES Senya, and the last fixture involving any MFA member being between now-defunct member Caladonia in a 3-1 win over non-MFA team Maltmen. Despite claims of continued activity, little progress by the MFA to bring competitions or even friendlies since 2013 has left doubt in its effectiveness as an organisation to represent micronational football.

With growing inactivity by the MFA leadership and members the MFA unofficially ceased operations in the Spring of 2017.


Map of the World with the four confederations: membership details below.

The MFA is made up of four regional confederations, unlike their FIFA equivalent MFA confederations do not have the same governing structure. The confederations are used to set boundaries for qualifications and regional competitions such as the MFA British Isles Cup, MFA European Championships and MFA America Cup.

     APMFC – Asia-Pacific Micronational Football Confederation
     BUMFA – British Union of Micronational Football Associations
     CEMFA – Continental Europe Micronational Football Association
     COMFITA – Confederation of Micronational Football in The Americas


The MFA has a President who oversees the running of the organisation. The founder Joe Foxon, was the original President. The President chooses his successor.

Picture Name Country Term Notes
Joe Foxon Mercury
13 January 2009
26 September 2011
Founder, left to focus on Micras.
Barnaby Hands Barnaby Hands Senya
DES Senya
26 September 2011
4 December 2012
resigned due to personal reasons
Alexander Reinhardt Alexander Reinhardt St. Charlie
St. Charlie
4 December 2012
11 February 2013
Barnaby Hands Barnaby Hands Senya
DES Senya
11 February 2013


On July 23, 2013, a new procedure and categorizing system were put in place for all members, these categories are, Full, Associate and Provisional membership, this different membership levels over different benefits, requirements and restrictions. All new members need to fulfill this procedure;

  1. All Nations wanting their FA to join must have been active (and we need actually proof) for at least 6 months to be a provisional member, 12 months to be an associate member, and 18 months to be a full member.
  2. All nations applying must have an FA logo (this can be COA), a named real-life squad (10 players [1 keeper] for provisional, 16 players [2 keepers] for associate, and 23 players [3 keepers] for full membership)
  3. All applying nations must have a national anthem and should send us a link to the music of it (without vocals) to us
  4. All applying nations must have a flag
  5. All nations applying will need a named MFA delegate
  6. All nations applying need to prove they can do the duties of the desired level of membership (full members should have played at least 1 six-a-side game)
Country national team
Confederation Year of
Played before?
Yes check.png or X mark.png
 Democratic Environmental Society of Senya National football team Football Association of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya Football Association of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya BUMFA 2010 Yes check.png
 Juclandia National football team Societatea Sportivă Juclandeză CEMFA 2011 X mark.png


The following are the main partners of the MFA:

  • Ixstrum
  • SenyaTV Sport


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