2013 MFA World Cup/Senya Host Bid

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The Senyan bid to host the 2013 MFA World Cup was officially announced on 4 October 2011, by Senyan president Barnaby Hands. The bid materialized after Rukora's expulsion from the MFA which left the tournament without a host for inaugural tournament. Although Senya cannot host any matches within it's territory due to it's size, it will use local pitches, and Senyan Commonwealth nation Nazri Krai has been announced as a possible location (under the city name of Lenwade).


Norwich Norwich Norwich Reepham
Norfolk FA Stadium
Capacity: 1,000[1]
Mousehold Heath Stadium
Capacity: 5,000
Lavere Park
Capacity: 3,000
RHSC Field
Capacity: 3,000
Lenwade Briston Melton Constable TBD
Lenwade Playing Field
Capacity: 1,000
Lomax Park
Capacity: 2,000
Melton Rec
Capacity: 4,500
Capacity: TBA


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