Paloma City

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Paloma City
Municipio Autónomo de Ciudad de Paloma
Autonomous Municipality of Paloma City
Top to bottom: Paloma City in 2020, Paloman Federal Highways 1 and 2, and Pantano Paloma
Flag of Paloma City
Official seal of Paloma City
Coat of arms of Paloma City

"La Ciudad de Rojo y Oro"
Spanish for "The City of Red and Gold"[1]
Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus
(Latin: We Hope For Better Things; It Shall Rise From the Ashes)[2]
Country Free Socialist State of Paloma
Prefecture Pajaro
Settled by CSR10 December 2018
Incorporated24 April 2019 (City)
Named forPaloma
 • Total1 km2 (0.4 sq mi)
 • Water0 km2 (0 sq mi)
Major routes

Paloma City or City of the Doves is the de facto capital city of Paloma and the prefectural capital of Pajaro. Paloma city was established in December 2018 and incorporated in April 2019. The city is home to the Supreme Paloman building, and the Estate of the President of Paloma and headquarters to the Communist Party. The city is know as the financial and economic hub of Paloma. It is 1/2 mile east of the nearest city, Salvadora.

Paloma City is the most populated city in Pájaro and the Free Socialist State of Paloma. Most citizens either work in the Supreme Paloman or in the local towns around Paloma City. Paloma City is also the de facto capital of the British Hong Kong Government in Exile, which operates a Parliament in exile in the city.


The word "Paloma" is the Spanish translation to dove, which is a bird used internationally as a symbol of peace. The city gets its namesake from the country, Paloma.


Original CSR victory banner with was planted in Citadelle when it was conquered.

Paloma which was originally founded as Citadelle by the now defunct, Catholique Socialist Republic as a close administration area for the President of the CSR. After the collapse of the CSR, Citadelle became the legislative capital out of three different capitals in the Republic of Quebec, it would become the de jure capital of the former House of Representatives. In April it became to House of Commons and the de jure Parliament meeting center for both Kingdoms of Quebec, and currently it is now home to the House of the Supreme Council (includes both upper and lower houses), In November 2019, the city was expanded and renamed to "Paloma City" after the newly founded Socialist state and house the government and financial centers.


The current administration of the capital is governed by officials in the Supreme Council, they may request changes, and new laws for the city.


Paloma City is located in the Midwest region of North America, and is in an area which was once apart of the Michigan Basin


Paloma City consists of:

Pennington Estate

House of the Supreme Council

A three-roomed building houses all councils of the People's Federation of Quebec, it is the de jure meeting place for government.

Citadelle National Park

A hilly field, home to all sorts of wildlife and the frequent visiting place of the Presidential Family. It is currently planned to be the location of the Paloma City Museum of Baustralian War Atrocities.

Lincoln Path

A one way, incomplete overgrown sidewalk paved around the 1970s-1980s and is a common dog walking path for citizens and is mostly used by the President.

Organisations and foundations

Paloma City being capital for Paloma, it is also the headwaters of many other organisations and foundations. Paloma City is headquarters to the Leauge of Nations, a universal micronational defense and peace making organisation, the Great Lakes Council which insures peace in micronations in the Great Lakes region. Paloma City is also headquarters and de facto capital of the British Hong Kong Government in Exile and a parliament in exile is held in a garage next to the Sexton and Kilfoil drain.

Neighboring communities

The City of Citadelle is bordered by seven other communities.

Sister cities


  1. Local name from citizens aware of the Capital and its purpose
  2. Used after Democracy Protests in Paloma City. Also used as motto of the city of Detroit, Michigan.