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Province of Pájaro
Província de Pájaro
Province de Oiseau
—  Province  —


Coat of arms
Map of Paloma with Pajaro highlighted
Country Flag of the Socialist State of Paloma (fixed).svg Socialist State of Paloma
Capital Paloma City
 - Governor Aidan McGrath
 - Total 1.721998 km2 (0.7 sq mi)
Area rank 3rd
 - Total 31 population as of 2,019
 - Rank 1st
  12.02% of Paloma
Demonym Pájarian
Official language(s) English, Spanish and French
Parliament Cortes Generales
Parliament of Catalonia
Congress seats
Senate seats

Pájaro is a province of eastern Paloma The province is bordered by the provinces of Province of Los Árboles, and Kapresh Taylor, and by the United States. Its area is 1.721998 km2 (0.664867 sq mi). 40% live within the administrative limits of the city of Paloma, which itself is contained in the Paloma City metropolitan area.