House of the Supreme Council

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House of the Supreme Council

Maison du Conseil Suprême
Legislative body in the PFQ
Coat of arms or logo
Aidan McGrath, Communist Party
since 11 July 2019
Seats11 members
Seating plan of the HSC.svg
Worker's Council political groups
  CPQ (10)
  EUP (2)
Peasant's Council seating.svg
Meeting place

The Supreme Council of the People's Federation of Quebec also know as the Lefistag, is the most authoritative legislative body of the People's Federation of Quebec (PFQ) beginning July 11, 2019, however the council cannot overrule the executive branch (President).


The Supreme Soviet was composed of two chambers, each with equal legislative powers,

  • Worker's Council
  • Peasant's Council

By the Quebecois constitution, the Supreme Council is defined as the highest organ of state power in the PFQ, (besides the Executive branch), and was imbued with great lawmaking powers. In practice, however, it does little more than approve decisions made already by the PFQ's executive organs and the Communist Party of Quebec (CPQ).

The Supreme Council convened one every 3 days in a Discord server. The council motions one by one going back and forth between proposals, and are voted on in the end of the Council meetings.


Supreme Councils of Federation republics

Supreme Councils are given to Republics in the the Federation which request it, currently only one Republic has it that Republic is:

  • Supreme Council of the Quebecois Federative Socialist Republic


There are Currently two parties in the PFQ, they are:

Party Ideology Spectrum Leader Foundation SC seats Logo
Communist Party CPQ Socialism
Left Aidan McGrath 7 October 2018
10 / 21
Sickle and hammer of the Communist Party of Quebec.svg


Member Party Riding
0 Aidan McGrath (Speaker/President) Communist Party Quebecois FSR
1 Andrew Derbah Communist Party Feuille SAR
2 Leon Montan Communist Party Pincrête SAR
3 Isabelle Robinson Communist Party Quebecois FSR
4 Jay Causey Communist Party Quebecois FSR
5 Charles Burgardt Communist Party Quebecois FSR
6 William Wilson Independent Quebecois FSR
7-21 Vacant