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Feuille Special Administrative Region of the Free Socialist State of Paloma
Spanish:Regióne Administrativa Especiala de Feuille de la Gratis Estado Socialista de Paloma
French:Region d' Adminstration Speciale de Feuille de État Socialiste Libre de Paloma
Sovereign statePaloma
Before transferBaustralian Taylor
Transfer from the Kingdom of Baustralia2019
Administrative centreFranc
Official languagesFrench
English Language
Ethnic groups
98% White, 1% African
GovernmentSemi-Autonomous executive-led system within a socialist republic
Aidan McGrath
Andrew Derbah
LegislatureLegislative Council
• Estimate
CurrencyQuebecois Dollar (RQD)
Time zoneEST
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright

Feuille , officially the Feuille Special Administrative Region of the People's Federation of Quebec (FESAR), is a special administrative region on the eastern side Citadelle.

Feuille became a colony of the Baustralian Empire after the People's Federation of Quebec ceded it to become a riding center for Aidan McGrath in the Parliament of Baustralia. In 2019 it was returned and reformed into a SAR. The special administrative region was modeled after China's Special Administrative Regions (SARs), Hong Kong and Macau, and, like them, they has a "Basic Law"

Government and politics

Feuille is a special administrative region of Quebec, with executive, legislative, and judicial powers granted from the national government. The SAR is given semi autonomy which strict control and watch from the Supreme Council of Quebec and is controlled by the President in the dark. The ruling party of Feuille is the Communist Party of Feuille which is a lower divison of the Communist Party of Quebec.


Feuille has a small semi open economy and free market. The main local trade for the P.F. Quebec is from the Feuille SAR in Franc, the currency used is the Quebecois Dollar, however there have been many local pushes to create a currency.