Baustralian Empire

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Baustralian Empire
  • French:Empire Baustralien
Flag of Baustralian Empire
The Baustralian Empire
The Baustralian Empire
Administrative centerCascadia, Baustralia
Working languageEnglish
TypeGroup of realms governed by the King of Baustralia
• Monarch
• Designated as a commonwealth
29 December 2017
• Imperialization
14 April 2018
CurrencyBoerc (ᛒ; BUB, TNB, WNB)
Time zoneUTC-5; UTC-4 (Eastern Time Zone, Central Time Zone)

The Baustralian Empire (frm. Baustralian Commonwealth, also Commonwealth of Baustralia) is the geopolitical organization governing member states. It is comprised of 4 states, three of which are colonies of Baustralia.

It was formed by His Majesty John of Baustralia (then Jacob I) with Lord John Timpson after the UMOW failed due to its fascist sounding name, even though its purpose was different. They decided that, in favour of promoting positive public relations, they would take a new approach to the union.


Flag Description In use Designer
Original flag, based off of the EU, it's model, and the three states with stars, and the blue representing Baustralia. 29 December 2018 John
Second flag, redone to lose the ties to the EU to seem independent. Also, based off of the Baustralian Flag, but a tricolour instead of a pale. 30 December 2018 John
Redone after ceding of Shared Territory of Independant Flavora and Baustralia to Baustralia. Tricolour changed to pale. 31 December 2018 John
Commonwealth flag, stars added to represent the three member states, and it's model, the EU. 1 January 2019 – 6 June 2019 John Timpson
Imperial flag 7 June 2019 – present John


There are three colonies each ruled by John with the title His Majesty the King. The Colony of Ostreum is governed by Parliament, with the Duke of London as Lord Governor. The Fox Islands is also governed by Parliament along with Wanagatangia, with Lord Mayjames as Lord Governor.