Québécois dollar

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Quebecois Dollar
ISO 4217
Banknotes$50, $100
Coins1¢, 2$
User(s) People's Federation of Quebec
Central bankMinistry of State Treasury
PrinterMinistry of State Treasury
MintQuebecois State Mint
Pegged withUSD$1.6

The Québécois Dollar (code: RQD) is the currency of the People's Federation of Quebec and unofficially used in the Empire of Kapreburg. It was once also used in the Baustralian Dominion of the Fox Islands before it became defunct due to a parliamentary act.

The Québécois Dollar came into effect on 11 March 2019 and has been used by the Federation ever since.


Currently circulating, Québécois banknotes date from the first series that were made by Abrams I in 2019.

Image Value Colour Description Date of Issue
10 Quebecois dollars PFQ.jpg $10 Green Joseph Stalin
Vladimir Lenin
9 October 2019
50 Quebecois Dollars Stalin.jpg $50 Purple Joseph Stalin 5 September 2019
100 Quebecois Dollars Lenin.jpg $100 Turquoise Vladimir Lenin 5 September 2019


Image Value
Colour Description


Reverse Obverse Reverse Description Date of Issue
2 Quebec Dollars Coin.png 2 Quebecois Dollars (reverse).png $2 Silver and gold State Emblem of Quebec The only kyrin coin released 8 October 2019
Preceded by: Currency of the People's Federation of Quebec Succeded by:
Quebecois Rubble 11 March 2019 - present None