Iustian dollar

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Iustian dollar
ISO 4217
Banknotes1 IUD$, 5 IUD$, 10 IUD$, 25 IUD$, 50 IUD$, 100 IUD$
User(s)Flag of Iustus.svg Empire of Iustus
Unnjimnoimkamed.png Republic of Orgple
Grand Duchy of Cicero
Flag of Neo Ongwanada.png Kingdom of Neo Ongwanada
Central bankBank of Iustus
PrinterCurtis City Printing
Pegged with1 CAD

The Iustian dollar is the offical currency of the Empire of Iustus, Republic of Orgple, Grand Duchy of Cicero and the Kingdom of Neo Ongwanada, it is printed at Curtis City Printing, and is stored at the Bank of Iustus. The Iustian dollar is pegged to the Canadian dollar to keep its value competent, new designs for the Iustian dollar are to be released soon.

May 2018 Series

Image Value Main colour Description
Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 11.27.32 PM (1).png 1 IUD$ Orange Portrait of President Austin Jaax
Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 11.41.17 PM (1).png 5 IUD$ Red Portrait of former Vice-President Mohammed Dealvi
Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 12.03.53 AM (1).png 10 IUD$ Purple Portrait of House Representative Sierra Babado
Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 11.53.51 PM (1).png 25 IUD$ Yellow Portrait of former Vice-President Nicholas Randouler
Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 12.25.11 AM (1).png 50 IUD$ Grey Portrait of House Representive Andrew Irons
N/A 100 IUD$ Orange Portrait of Attorney General Finnigen Hutts

July 2019 Series

Image Value Main colour Description
1 obv Iustus.png 1 IUD$ Grey Portrait of Emperor Austin Jaax
5 obv Iustus.png 5 IUD$ Yellow Portrait of Nicholas Randouler
10 obv Iustus.png 10 IUD$ Purple Portrait of Minister of the Interior Sierra Babado
25 obv Iustus.png 25 IUD$ Red Portrait of Emperor Austin Jaax
50 obv Iustus.png 50 IUD$ Blue Portrait of former Prime Minister Nicolas Millan
100 obv Iustus.png 100 IUD$ Orange Portrait of Prime Minister Ethan Obsidian

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