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Gapla Dollar
Banknotes and coins of the Gapla Dollar.Coins of the Gapla Dollar.
BanknotesG$ 20, G$ 50, G$ 100, G$ 200, G$ 500
CoinsG$ 1, G$ 5, G$ 10
User(s) Federated States of Gapla
Central bankBank of Gapla

The Gapla Dollar (symbol: G$) is a monetary unit used by the Federated States of Gapla as its official currency.

The currency's fiat form is distributed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Gapla (also known as GaplaBank), and its cryptocurrency form (on the Solana network) is decentralized but pegged to the Gapla Dollar. It has been used since late 2019.

Information and usage

The Gapla Dollar is pegged to a milligram of gold, and is a main-net cryptocurrency on the Solana network with an alternative fiat form hosted by the Bank of Gapla. The link to its SolScan page is here.

Unlike many micronational currencies, it has real value inside and outside of Gapla.

The currency is treated like fiat, as there are many citizens willing to trade Gapla Dollars to and from the United States Dollar (the local macronational currency). A notable such individual is Chelsea Chen, who has processed more than $300 USD worth of these transactions.

It is currently only used in the Federated States of Gapla, as it is intended to be. However, the FSG has no policy restricting its use to other micronations.


The coins of the Gapla Dollar are made from a special type of plastic, polylactic acid.

The following is a list of the coins of the Gapla Dollar:

Coins of the Gapla Dollar
Value Diameter Thickness Weight Image
G$ 1 25 mm 1 mm 0.54 g
G$ 5 30 mm 2 mm 1.39 g
G$ 10
Note: figures are very roughly to scale. Consider it not being to scale.


The bills of the Gapla Dollar are made from a special blend of cotton and linen, the same material (but different ratio) as the United States Dollar. The front of the bills are specially textured, and the bills are around 20% thicker than regular printer paper. They are uniquely numbered, stamped, and have numerous security features. The obverses of the bills are all uniform.

In the future, it is expected that the bills worth G$ 50 and higher will be receiving a special embossing, as well as the bills worth G$ 200 or higher receiving either a holographic sticker or metallic foil pattern. In addition, the portrait of Renaldo Chang will be updated to his new one.

The following is a list of the bills of the Gapla Dollar:

Banknotes of the Gapla Dollar
Value Dimensions Feature Inscription Image
G$ 20 127 mm * 63.5 mm Wyatt Baek Wyatt I by the Grace of God
G$ 50 Chelsea Chen Chelsea II, Grand Princess
G$ 100 Renaldo Chang Renaldo I, Grand Prince
G$ 200 Emma Bunnell Emma I, Princess of Emeralkia
G$ 500 Hummingbird (national animal) The Hummingbird
Note: Figures are roughly to scale.

Exchange rate

Here is the exchange rate for the Gapla Dollar to a variety of currencies.

As of October 17, 2022
1 GPD = 0.053 0.054 7.91 0.047 0.084 0.073 0.053 0.38 0.42 0.094 0.59 76.01
100 GPD = 5.31 5.4 780.86 4.68 8.44 7.29 5.29 38.23 41.7 9.43 59.20 7601.39