Kapresh dollar

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Official users Kapreburg
Pegged toUSD$0.02
  • $1
  • $5
  • $10
  • $20
  • $50
  • $100
Central bankMinistry of Finance
PrinterBank of Kapreburg

The Kapresh dollar (Morixian: Дeoлeлeap) (sign: $; code: KAP) is the official currency of the Empire of Kapreburg. It currently has no subdivison. It was created by the Minister of Finance, Cameron Koehler and is printed by the Bank of Kapreburg in Charriot'sVille.


An old $25 Kapresh dollar bill

As part of the Republic of Kapreburg's main actions in 2018, a bank was formed to create banknotes for the Empire.

Written styles

Amounts can only be written in one way known as: $. (known as the Standard Format, written as $1.). The placement of the symbol goes at the start of the amount, and a period goes at the end.


Image Value Description Date of Issue
KAP1.png $1 Cameron Koehler 12 March 2021
KAP5.png $5 Johnny Horton 12 March 2021
KAP10.png $10 Jackson I 12 March 2021
KAP20.png $20 Clint Eastwood, dressed as the Man with No Name 12 March 2021
KAP50.png $50 Marty Robbins 12 March 2021
KAP100.png $100 Richard E. Byrd 12 March 2021

Former banknotes

2019 Series

Image Value Description Date of Issue Status
KAP1.png $1 Jackson I 24 August 2019 Not recognized as legal tender
KAP5.png $5 Keith Haring 24 August 2019
KAP10.png $10 Edvard Grieg 24 August 2019
KAP20.png $20 Erno Rubik 24 August 2019
KAP50.png $50 Albert Einstein 24 August 2019
KAP100.png $100 Dale Earnhardt Sr. 24 August 2019
KAP500.png $500 Emperor Norton 24 August 2019
Kapresh dollars

Exchange Rate

The Dollar is macronationally pegged to the United States dollar at US$0.02 to one singular Kapresh dollar.


Date Kapreburg KAP Exchange rate Socialist State of Paloma DIN Exchange rate Ikonia KYR Exchange rate Republic of Molossia VAL Exchange rate Baustralia BUB Exchange rate Kingdom of Gradonia GOD Exchange rate
As of 25 August 2019 $1.000 $0.02 κ 0.012 V 0.025 ᛒ 0·037 Đ  0.25


Year 1920px-Flag of the United States.svg.png USD Exchange rate Flag of the United Kingdom.png GBP Exchange rate Flag of the EU.png EUR Exchange rate Flag of Japan.svg JPY Exchange rate Flag of Canada.png CAD Exchange rate Flag of Taiwan.png TWD Exchange rate Flag of Russia.png RUB Exchange rate Flag of India.png INR Exchange rate
2019 $0.02 £0.016 €0.018 ¥ 2.11 CA$0.027 NT$0.63 ₽ 1.32 ₹ 1.43