Los Bay Petrosian ruble

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Los Bay Petrosian Ruble

Banknotes of Los Bay Petrosian ruble

ISO 4217
PluralLos Bay Petrosian Rubles
Banknotes10ɍ, 20ɍ, 50ɍ, 100ɍ, 200ɍ
Coins50p, 1ɍ, 2ɍ, 5ɍ, 10ɍ
User(s) Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros
Central bankBank Negara Los Bay Petros
PrinterBank Negara Los Bay Petros
MintLos Bay Petrosian Coinage & Banknote Printing co.
Pegged with1250 Indonesian Rupiah

The Los Bay Petrosian Ruble (Russian: рубль) (code: LPR) is the currency of the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros and unofficialy used in the Republic of Shuffle and Republic Moslem Irlandica States.[1] The ruble is subdivided into 100 Petrosins. Los Bay Petros formerly used Los Bay Petrosian Dollar as their currency, but after an analysis that showed Los Bay Petrosian purchasing power is low, the Los Bay Petrosian government decided to change it's currency into the Rubles.

There are various symbols have been put forward as possibilities for symbols of the Ruble, like RL, R, and RBL. The Ruble itself is a part of the joint program of Economical Revival Project and the first stage of First Three Months Development program which has been implemented since September 2011.[2]


The currency circulation in Los Bay Petros has been implemented as the component of the Ministry of Economical Affairs since a week after the foundation of Los Bay Petros. On October 25 2010 the Ministry of Economical affairs starting to circulates the old Los Bay Petrosian Money (M). The economical movement itself is low because of two major conflicts that occured (National Uprising and Civil War).

On the aftermath of the Civil War, with the newly reshuffled cabinet, the government decided to change the currency into the Dollar (LBD/$) with an artificial rate of 1$:1US$. This action itself done so that the Los Bay Petrosian economy would sustain it's stregth in the end of suffering civil war. With a speculation in that time, the Los Bay Petrosian economy will regain it's strength that has been lost after the war.

In the third cabinet-era, the government shuts down the artificial rate status of the Dollar and

A 10 old Dollar

starting to run a new exchange rate according in both of Los Bay Petrosian and Indonesian economical strength. The program is successful, and at its peak, Los Bay Petrosian Dollar rate rise up to Rp 10750 per Dollar. And also, Los Bay Petrosian Dollar is one of the leading micronation who uses watermark as their security features.

But, after the part one of the Los Bay Petrosian - Shuffle War, an analysis showed that the Los Bay Petrosian purchasing power weakened and the rate of the Dollar couldn't help much at the problem.

"If the currency rate doesn't stabilizes and balanced with the Los Bay Petrosian purchasing power, our economic strength will slowly decreases."

— Rafi Farhanto, Secretary of State.

And from the statement the Secretary of State issued, the statement itself become the material to the consideration for the Ministry of economy to replace the currency to stabilize the economy.

Finnaly, on September 27 2011 the government decided to change the currency for the second time to the present-day Ruble and declaring the old Dollar obsolete.[3] The Ruble itself uses a peg of Rp 1250 per Ruble, the government itself stated that they use the new but low rate to stabilize the economy and balancing the currency itself with the Los Bay Petrosian purchasing power.


Currently circulating Los Bay Petrosian banknotes date from the first series (1 to 50000) rubles to the current 2012 edition. The old dollar notes have no longer been legal tender since September 27, 2011 (but will be exchangeable until May 1, 2012). Earlier notes are also no longer legal tender, due to the lack of security features.

As the smallest current circulating note (1 and 2 ruble) is worth approximately US$0.10 or 0.20 Austral franc. The government initially announced that this would change, with a 5 ruble note to replace the 1 and 2 ruble, with that denomination replaced by a coin. After a long delay, this proposal was revised so that the new 5 ruble banknotes was launched by on March 3 2012 alongside the new series, with the banknotes circulating as legal tender from March 3, 2012, but without withdrawing the 1 and 2 ruble note.

Again on October 12 2012, to commemorate the Los Bay Petrosian 3rd anniversary of foundation, the Bank Negara Los Bay Petros launched the new 2012B series.

Image Value Main Colour Description Date of Remarks
Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse Watermark Signatures Serial Note Series Issue
5RL.png 5RL.png 10 Rubles Cream Dasakatriya Handha Prakasa Nominal Governor of the Central Bank 001-1234 '2012' October 12 2012
5RL.png 5RL.png 20 Rubles Green Adji Rizqi Republic Flag of Los Bay Petros flying
5RL.png 5RL.png 50 Rubles Orange Adly Nurfikriansyah ASR-1 launch
Los Bay Petrosian aeronautics
5RL.png 5RL.png 100 Rubles Red Indrawan Prasetyo Los Bay Petrosian flag ceremony
5RL.png 5RL.png 200 Rubles Light blue Adriansyah Yassin
Alessandro Syafei Rashid
Dasakasatriya Handha Prakasa
All banknotes printed in Los Bay Petrosian Coinage & Banknote Printing co.


The Los Bay Petrosian Ruble subdivision is the Petrosin, which is the same as the old Dollar's subdivision. 1 Petrosin is equal to 1/100 Ruble. But due to its low value, only 50p coins are in circulation.

The current Petrosin coins was launched on October 12, 2012.

Petrosin Coins
Image Value Series Obverse Reverse Availability
Obverse Reverse
1P.png 50p 2012 Coin Value Coat of arms of Los Bay Petrps High
20p.png Coin Value
Years of Los Bay Petros
0P.png 10ɍ Coin Value
States of Los Bay Petros

Exchange Rates

At the starting of the legalisation of the Ruble as the official currency of Los Bay Petros in September 2011, the official rate the was given by the government is 1,250 Indonesian Rupiah to 1 Ruble.[4] Los Bay Petrosian Ruble last value update on December 2011, showing the exchange rate of the Ruble. They are:

Los Bay Petrosian Ruble per USD since 2011
Month/Year Lowest ↓ Highest ↑ Average
Date Rate Date Rate Rate
September 2011 September 30 7.14 September 27 7.2 7.17
November 2011 November 2 7.15 November 20 7.5 7.3
December 2011 December 15 6.9 December 1 7.47 7.2
January 2012 January 1 7.1 January 26 7.2 7.15
Source: Bank of Los Bay Petros, Dredim branch database
Indonesian Rupiah per 1RL since 2011
Month/Year Highest ↑ Lowest ↓ Average
Date Rate Date Rate Rate
September 2011 September 30 1260 September 27 1250 1255
November 2011 November 2 1255 November 20 1200 1220
December 2011 December 15 1300 December 1 1235 1250
January 2012 January 1 1280 January 26 1250 1265

Currency Exchange Rate
Indonesian Rupiah Rp 1250,-
United States dollar $ 0,14
Malaysian Ringgit Rm 0,44
Russian Ruble Pyb 4,4
Euro EUR 0,125
Australian Dollar $ 0,14
Indian Rupee Rs 6,9
Poundsterling £ 0,09
St.Charlian Pianeta P 0,2
Rukoran Ruk Ruk 0,07
Ultamian Katane K 0,07
Westlandian Ruble R 0,09
Zealandian Pound £ 0,25
Juclandian Leu 0,5 J£
USLSSR Ruble Pyb 0,18
KistanRupiah DM 0,25
Dale Empire Pound 0,45£
Schwanian Krone Kr. 0,24


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Preceded by: Currency of the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros Succeded by:
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