National Legislative Council (Los Bay Petros)

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National Legislative Council

Dewan Legislatif Nasional

Национальный Законодательный совет
Nasionalitsiyy Zakonodats Meclisi
Ulusal Yasama Konseyi
Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros
Coat of arms or logo
Head of Parliament
Seats22 from each of the states
Parliament political groups
Major Coalition:
  CWP (21)
Opposition Coalition:
  LSP (1)
Parliament last election
January 2012

The National Legislative Council (NLC) is the legislative branch of the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. The NLC is unicameral and the current chairman of NLC is Muhammad Hady Faiz.

Meeting Places

Usually, the NLC members were met to held a meeting at Labstadt or via Internet (Online).

Mid-term Election (2010)

The Mid-term Election was held on December 2010 in the state of Ambulomgrad and 7D Protectorate to elect a representative from each of the following states. The election in Ambulomgrad's result was the representative from Ambulomgrad will be from Nasakom Party, and in 7D is from CWP.

Helmi at meeting

Members of NLC

The each 13 of NLC members (or senator) is representing one of Los Bay Petrosian states and from the political parties that dominate the vote on that state. The members is elected once a year. The last election was on May 2011.

Current members

The NLC members of the 2011 Term is inaugurated on August 2011. After the results of the 2011 Los Bay Petrosian Legislative Election, the old 2010 NLC members was replaced by the current one on June 2011. But, after the Political Crisis in July, the only sustaining parties is CWP and LSP.

Name Party State
Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman Civil's Welfare Party DCT
Muhammad Hady Faiz Civil's Welfare Party Southall
Aflah Alamsyah Dani CWP Dalnik
Ezra Dimas Civil's Welfare Party West LBP
Rifqi Ariq LSP Gordonz
Adrian Syamsir Lubis LSP Gaskan
Aulia Akbar Civil's Welfare Party New Pershing
Yury Zozulya LSP Ambulomgrad
Andika Pandu Civil's Welfare Party Labstadt
Kinan Maulana CWP 7 Outer States