Vehicle registration plates of Los Bay Petros

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A vehicle with Los Bay Petrosian plate

Los Bay Petrosian license plates are issued by Los Bay Petrosian Tranportation Agency and Ministry of Transportation and CTP (Central Traffic Police). All vehicles (including bicycles) are required to have the plate in their front or back side of the vehicle to enter Federal Republic of Los Bay Petrosian Territory.


The new format, where code 5 is belong to South Tangerang area, the first letter N notes that the plates registered in Southall and G in the Salernosky area.

Except for some special cases, every vehicle in Los Bay Petros with the 2011 format follows the following format: NA LLLNNNN where "L" are letters of the Latin alphabet, and "N" and numbers from "0" to "9" (note that the first number is never a "0") and "A" is the vehicle type identifier. The first single or double digits denote the area of registration. This is followed by vehicle type identification letter, this is then followed by up to three letters although they may be optional and then followed by a random number which can range from one to four digits. For example: 5A JDB3722 is a vehicle registered in Southall region, because it begins with digit 5. A smaller numbers and letter LBP being added to the right bottom of the plate, indicating the month and year where the plate will expire, so the owner must repay the tax to get the new one every five years, (for example, "04-13" means "April, 2018". With these numbers, you can indicate the vehicle's age, so for the example above, the vehicle tax would be invalid in April 2018 and must be renewed.

In 2012, the government again release a new plate design to make easier vehicle data collection and reducing the notoriously long numbers in the 2011 designs. The government choose the NA-AX-NN format who follows the following format: NA-AX-NN where "L" are letters of the Latin alphabet, and "N" and numbers from "0" to "9" (note that the first number is never a "0") and "A" is the vehicle type identifier. The first single digit denote the Region of registration. This is followed by vehicle type identification letter, then with a dash followed by a single red colored alphabet who denotes which area where the vehicle was registered to the Sistem Administrasi Manunggal di bawah Satu Atap Los Bay Petros or SAMSAT LBP. Then followed again by a random combination of alphabets -up to 2 letters, and the last followed by a dash and an up to 4 digits of number series.

Meanwhile, the government reduces the cost for a plate production by changing the tax identifier from previously combined with the compressed sytem plate making with a brand new tax sticker in the exact area of the previous location and with exact tax system as the 2011 plates.

2009 Plates

Size: 520mm x 110mm
Numbering: Region Code-123-ABC

New Plates

Size: 430 mm x 135 mm
Numbering: Region Code/Vehicle Code - XXX123

Vehicle Code

  • Sedan/Minivan: A
  • Motorcycle: B
  • Buses: C
  • Taxi: TX
  • Trucks: T


2009 Plates

Regular Plates

Territory Format Example
Dredim Capital Region 1 - 1234 - ABC
Outer Dredim (including Labstadt, formerly 7D) 1A - 1234 - ABC
State of Western Los Bay Petros 2 - 1234 - ABC
Gordonz Administrative Region 2G - 1234 - ABC
Gaskan 3 - 1234 - ABC
New Pershing 4 - 1234 - ABC
State of Southall 5 - 1234 - ABC
Dalnik 6 - 1234 - ABC
Prianganstad 7 - 1234 - ABC
Ambulomgrad 8 - 1234 - ABC

Government Plates

Governmental Position Format Example
President of Los Bay Petros LBP-X-XXX
Vice President of Los Bay Petros LBP-2
Prime Minister of Los Bay Petros LBP-3


Type Format Example
Rental Car R-X-XXX-ABC

2011 Plates

Regular "A" Plates

Territory Format Example
Bayrschtein Capital Region 1A XXX123
Outer Dredim (Labstadt and Prapanca) 1AA XXX123
State of Western Los Bay Petros 2A XXX123
Gordonz Administrative Region 2GA XXX123
Gaskan 3A XXX123
New Pershing 4A XXX123
State of Southall 5A XXX123
Dalnik 6A XXX123
Prianganstad 7A XXX123
Kazimkoy and Nesbayan
(Formerly Ambulomgrad)
8A XXX123
Batangpura 9A XXX123
Nabor Klafterschaft 10A XXX123
Westbrom 11A XXX1234
Alsace 12A XXX123
Ostenkass 13A XXX123
Salernosky 14A XXX1234
Seulawah 15A XXX123
Marinier 16A XXX123
Halim 17A XXX123
Buitenkovo 18A XXX123
Gunung Jaya 19A XXX1234
Isla del Tropico 20A XXX1234
Kameveropo WAA XXX123
Foreign Affairs B 1234 XXX

Current Format

Tanah Baru

Tanah Baru has its own plate system, which are:

Territory Format Example
Soekarnograd TBS XX1234
Port Ataturk TBP XX1234
Kota Baru TBK XX1234
Hastinapura TBH XX1234

Special types

Presidential plate
Type Format Example
Governmental vehicles XG-ABCXXXX
Rental Car X1-ABXXX/R
Dealership X-ABXXX/D

Other vehicle format

Category Format Example
Motorcycle NB XXX123
Buses NC XXX123
Trucks NT XXX123
Other option

Diplomatic plates

Los Bay Petrosian Ministry of transportation affairs issues plates for foreigner's vehicle who is in a diplomatic mission within

Indokistani Diplomatic plates

Los Bay Petros. The plate design is similar with the Indonesian DC (Diplomatic Corps) and CC (Consulate Corps) plate design. The plate for DP types is black on white on the top number side while the validity date color is white on black.

The plates have the letter CD followed by two or three letters denoting the country or organization, followed by up to three digits of the serial number. For example, a car with number CD IK 01 is owned by the Indokistan.

The list of countries and organizations follows: