Los Bay Petrosian Central Police Agency

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Los Bay Petrosian Central Police Agency
Emblem of CPA
Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman
Chief Commander of CPA
Strength:15 Personnels
Chief Commander:Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman
Jurisdiction:Minister of Defense (Los Bay Petros)
Standard Weapon:Airgun Pistol
Motto:Freedom and Justice!

Los Bay Petrosian Central Police Agency is the one of the 3 defence authorities listed in the Los Bay Petrosian defense system (alongside the Los Bay Petrosian Armed Forces and Los Bay Petrosian Intelligence Agency). The LBP-CPA is the official police force for Los Bay Petros. It had formerly been a part of the LBPAF when in August 2010 the government decides to split the deparments to minimize the LBPAF's task. As of 2012, there's 30 listed personnel in the CPA to guard the criminal-related cases in Los Bay Petros.

The Headquarter, known as Markas Besar/Mabes in Indonesian, is located in Allevon, Bayrschtein.

Local Divisions

LBP-CPA is divided into 7 CADS (Coverage Area Department System); with each department system can design it's own uniform, fleets, and others, but with the laws still being issued by the Council of Police for the establishment of legal equality in Los Bay Petros.

Abbreviation Name Coverage Area
ENDS Eastern Nusantara Department Section Seulawah
Batangpura (Rigensgrad)
Isla Del Tropico
CLPA Central Los Bay Petros Police Authority South Mainland
Central Mainland
Greater Salernosky
PADS Priangan Area Deparment Section Prianganstad
Gunung Jaya
Banjar Selatan
WNPA Western Nusantara Police Authority Ostenkass
STDS Sarkies Territory Department Section Batangpura (Sarkies)
SPA Service de police de la Alsace
Alsace Police Service
TBSP Tanah Baruan State Police Tanah Baru


CPA have 4 special division to help the main police department, they are:

Abbreviation Name
CTP Central Traffic Police
BCP Border Control Police (Alongside the LBPAF's Border Troops)
ATD Anti-Terror Division
ARD Anti-Riot Division

Fleets and equipments