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Media of Los Bay Petros is the one of the major heartbeat in the Los Bay Petrosian daily life. Managed by the Ministry of Technology and Informational affairs of Los Bay Petros, media in Los Bay Petros consist of several different types of communications media: television, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines, and Internet-based Web sites.

Electronic Media

Electronic media is the Los Bay Petrosian favourite way to reach informations worldwide, especially televisions and radios. All of the Los Bay Petrosian brand of television and radio so far is the LTron. inc.

As of today, the Los Bay Petrosian Ministry of Tecnology and Information affairs has been registered 1 television channel and 3 FM radio channels. But until today, the television is still can be watched via youtube and radio is only local servers can using it.

Here are the list of the channels:

Name Type Network span
LTV Television channel Intermicronational (via Youtube)
LFM FM radio Dredim and Southall
Southall FM FM radio Southall
FidelRadio 90.0 FM radio Ambulomgrad


As the second most popular news source, newspaper also contributes much information for many Los Bay Petrosian. And until today, Los Bay Petros registered 5 national newspaper and a magazine that issued according to the schedule, they are:

Name Type Published in
LBP Bulletin Newspaper Los Bay Petros
Southall Observer Newspaper Southall
Gordonitza en Artakulyo Newspaper Gordonz
Harian Los Bay Petros Newspaper Los Bay Petros
Taim Magazine Los Bay Petros
Berita Harian Semenanjung Newspaper Batangpura (Singapore)
BatangpuraDaily Flyer Newspaper Batangpura

Telecommunications Media


As of today, even the Los Bay Petrosian news who retrieved from the Internet is not too popular as the Television or the newspaper, but it still gives much informations from Los Bay Petros itself to Intermicronational sector and other non-micronationalist.

The are 2 online news network who operates in Los Bay Petros, the LBPNews Network and Germaningrad News Network. LBPNews serves news online for Los Bay Petrosian and non-Los Bay Petrosian from its office in Dredim while GNN in Germaningrad. The current LBPNews Network and GNN domain is and Also, there is one website used as the official website for the Los Bay Petrosian government. The domain is

On the electronic mailing sector, the Los Bay Petrosian Central Government has its own e-mail to retrieve criticism and suggestions from the Los Bay Petrosian to fix any problems in the governmental structure. The email contact for Los Bay Petrosian government is

Mobile phones

Mobile phones in Los Bay Petros is considered as the major telecommuncations media for all of the populations. Estimated

A BlackBerry, famous in Los Bay Petros

that all of the Los Bay Petrosian uses mobile phones such as BlackBerry, Nexian, and Nokia. There's one local provider in Los Bay Petros, the LBPtel; but only some of Los Bay Petrosian use them after the Telkomsel and Indosat.