Petrovakian Federation

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Petrovakian Federation
Federasi Petrovakia


Petrovakian Flag.png

Petrovakian Anthem
(adopted from Russian National Anthem)
Capital city Newark City
Official language(s) English and Indonesian
Short name Petrovakia
Demonym Petrovakian
Government Federation
- President Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman
- Vice President Agung Abdul Azis
Established January 2009
Disestablished 13 October 2009
Population 15 (Peak population)
Currency Petrovakian Money
Time zone UTC +7

Petrovakian Federation (Indonesian: Federasi Petrovakia, Russian: Петровская Федерация) is a sixth world defunct micronation. Petrovakian Federation is the predecessor of Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros when it was dissolved on October 13 2009 after the vice-president Agung Abdul Azis resigned.


Petrovakian Federation was founded in January 2009 by Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman and Agung Abdul Azis after a several failed micronational projects (example: Republic of Valdezia, only lasting for a month).

The name of "Petrovakia" taken from the name of the third level of "Heavy Weapon" computer game who became the first virtual platform that LBPAF used as a training ground.

Petrovakian Government was formed a month after, February 2009. On the same month, the NWM (National Women's Movement) declared war with Petrovakia with unknown reason, and the NWM was defeated in that war. Petrovakian Federation was dissolved on October 13, 2009 after the Vice-President Agung Abdul Azis resigned and the people's trust in government has declined. And on the October 14th 2009, the Petrovakian President signed the New Petrovakia Treaty and founded the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros.


Petrovakian Federation used Petrovakian Money as the national currency. the Petrovakian Money used the Monopoly banknotes as their official banknotes for the payment in Petrovakia.