Newark City

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Newark City
Ньюарк города
Flag of Newark.png

Country Flag Of Lbp.gif Los Bay Petros
State Western Los Bay Petros
Founded September 24 2009

Government City
Mayor Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman

Time zone WIB (UTC±7)

Newark City (Gordonz: Newarkka Gorod) is a city in the State of Western Los Bay Petros. Newark City was the capital of Petrovakian Federation and also as the capital of Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros before it was moved to Dredim Capital Region following the Civil War. The city is the second largest city in SWL and the current mayor of Newark is Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman.


Newark lies in the elevation of 23 meters above sea level. The area seized by Newark City is approximately 1000 square meters.

Noteable Places

  • Unity Park - a large park covering almost two-third of the city
  • Rirariz Palace - the former presidential palace of Newark
  • Sulaeman Platz - the Newark's city square


  • Unity Park
  • Palacestadt
  • Eastern Newark
  • Downtown Newark


Newark is connected by Dredim and Indrakonurr via A1, and Southall and Dalnik via A6.