Gaskan City

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Gaskan City
Kota Gaskan
Flag of Gaskan City.png

Gaskan City, near border complex
Country Flag Of Lbp.gif Los Bay Petros
State Gaskan
Founded October 2009

Government City
Mayor Adrian Haridz Susetyo

Time zone WIB (UTC±7)

Gaskan City is one of several main cities in Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. This city is located in the eastern Gaskan near the border. Gaskan City was capital of State of Gaskan before it was moved to Falgstaff on August 2011. The city was founded on October 14 2009. The same month when Los Bay Petros declares it independence. The current mayor of Gaskan City is Adrian Haridz Susetyo.

Gaskan City is a borderline city. The city's outline shares the same line as the Indonesian - Los Bay Petrosian eastern border. There's one border complex in Gaskan City, the Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa Immigration Complex or SATIC.


Gaskan City consists of 3 districts, they are:

No. Name
1 Vatelhorn
2 Dasner
3 Safero